5 Emerging Marketing Trends to Explore in 2019

5 Emerging Marketing Trends to Explore in 2019

Top Five Marketing Innovations in 2019

Every year, analysts try to predict emerging trends in the advertising, media, and digital industries. They keep telling us about the importance of video presentations, new approaches in on-page SEO, development of mobile Internet, and new SMM tools. Marketers have to be ready to constantly experiment with new technologies because this is the only way for them to stay on top of their game. Marketing approaches are always changing, and what worked yesterday may not be feasible today. Even top custom essay services will become much better. As it is often the case with popular applications, they are not really widespread at the beginning. What marketing experts should pay attention to is how software automation will be giving way to personal contact with clients in 2019. The below marketing trends demonstrate five different approaches to communication with consumers, as well as effective methods of promoting brands.

1. Personalized Marketing

Personalization is an emerging trend in many business activities. The idea of delivering a message to the client by taking into account their personality traits, behavior, and social status is not new. Nevertheless, it is becoming increasingly important thanks to the development of artificial intelligence (AI), The marketers’ passion for digital technologies can be explained by the possibility to fine-tune their audience targeting. More advanced tools of personal recognition are already being tested: Amazon is using AI-based solutions to combine user data from various sources, such as transaction archives, purchases made, CRM data, social accounts, and information about competitors. By processing all this data, a computer can predict users’ preferences and analyze their desires.

2. Voice Services

New technologies like voice assistance services are entering our lives without our noticing it. Developers of Siri, Google Now, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana try to engage their customers by having a dialogue with them. Almost half of the online users aged 18 and older are now using Voice Search Tools, Amazon Echo, and Google Home. This technology is commonly used for delivering food, calling a taxi, searching for locations, and many other things. Accordingly, programmers create websites which are optimized for use with voice requests. Voice Search SEO is a popular innovation this year. According to Comscore company, 50% of online requests will be made by voice by 2020. Today, the content of many websites is optimized by taking into account the differences between voice and written commands. For example, users usually make more detailed requests by voice, which is why SEO teams all over the world are working hard to address this issue.

3. Automatic Communication and Chatbots

Many experts predict that future user interaction with companies will occur without human participation. Chatbots and messengers are widely used to communicate with customers. In the future, scripts will become more sophisticated, and chatbots will be able to successfully imitate sales consultants or managers, thus saving companies a lot of resources. A new generation of chatbots will be able to evaluate customers’ interests and give them relevant recommendations thanks to AI. Moreover, they will be programmed to analyze clients’ messages and offer related goods and services. By 2020, the global chatbots market is expected to reach $ 1.2 billion, with an annual growth projected at 24%. 40% of buyers are already using bots as their main communication tool with customer support service. This phenomenon is also related to the personalized marketing trend.

4. Augmented Reality (AR)

According to the Harvard Business Review, global investments in the AR sector will exceed $60 billion by 2020. The growth is expected to exceed 75% and reach an estimated $120 billion over the next five years. The largest corporations are greatly interested in this promising technology because it allows their users to avoid purchasing new products. Apple has recently presented its ARKit technology, while Microsoft has signed a contract with the Pentagon for the development of HoloLens glasses which will help soldiers prepare for real combat. AR is also used in education, medicine, and marketing, especially in the retail sector. We will undoubtedly see many more exciting options for consumers after augmented reality is used extensively in the upcoming years.

5. 5G Cell Network

The fifth-generation mobile network is still under development, but cell operators around the world are already testing some of its elements. The 5G network will create new opportunities for users, including Internet of things (IoT), connecting different home devices, and real-time communication in natural disaster zones or during mass events. Thanks to significantly increased speed, users will be able to benefit from an experience that exceeds the expectations of any ordinary smartphone user. The use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in smartphones will also create a whole new experience for gamers and streamers. Tremendous amounts of information transmitted in a split second will change the consumer experience forever.


This year, digital technologies will be moving to a whole new level. We will be witnessing not only the emergence of new services and platforms but also revolutionary changes in the familiar technologies. Although many marketing solutions tend to be automatic, quite a few experts speak in favor of improving personal contact between companies and consumers. After all, keeping up with the latest trends to get a competitive advantage is imperative.