5 Herbs to Enhance Your Physical Performance

5 Herbs to Enhance Your Physical Performance

You won’t likely find a fighter unwilling to become stronger. Besides the refinement of combat skills, our training is always dedicated to building muscle power and overall physical performance. The stronger you are, the more chances you have to prevail in the ring.

Hard workouts, proper nutrition, and quality recovery are the cornerstones of strength building, but most of us wouldn’t mind an extra boost. This extra boost can be anything from taking the right supplements to getting motivation from the community.

Some MMA formations even create a team website or establish a social media presence to have enough communication with fans. Of course, they do it mostly for marketing purposes, but such endorsement has a clear motivational impact as well.

Motivation, however, is a quite complex phenomenon and has only a fickle influence on your stamina. If you want a more down-to-earth method to expand your possibilities yet try to avoid unhealthy chemicals, there is a nature’s answer to your desire — herbs.

Here they are — five herbs beneficial for your strength, endurance, and overall energy. Embrace the power of nature and win more fights!

Siberian Ginseng

Siberian ginseng or eleuthero is known for its adaptogenic abilities which are claimed to be better than of American of Asian ginseng.

For the record: Adaptogens support the body’s stress response and reduce fatigue, leading to an overall energy boost.

There are studies reporting about the increase in the physical strength of individuals who were taking it prior to physical activity. Such an effect was accomplished due to ginseng’s ability to support the body in cases of oxygen deprivation and increasing the exhaustion point during intense training.

Siberian ginseng also enhances sexual function, boosts mental alertness, and increases the speed of muscle recovery.

Yerba Mate

Yerba mate is a herb originated in South America, where it is known as the main ingredient of a beverage called mate. Nowadays, it’s also popular in North America and Europe as part of mate-based soft drinks claimed to be natural energy boosters.

The herb has similar effects to both green tea and coffee, although having less caffeine than the latter one. According to this study, yerba mate beverages improve the rate of strength recovery after exercise by 9%. Also, it’s rich in nutrients essential for maintaining good performance: zinc, iron, magnesium, B group vitamins, and more.

Maca Root

Another inhabitant of Latin America, maca is considered “superfood” which assists your body in many positive ways, including energy and performance boost. It also regulates hormone levels by increasing testosterone production and eliminating excess estrogen in a male body.

For the record: Enhanced levels of testosterone lead to enhanced muscle power and growth.

Moreover, maca contains 18 of 20 amino acids, making it a great supplement for increasing lean body mass. And just like most of the other herbs in our list, it supports the immune system contributing to your recover speed.


Cordyceps is not exactly a herb, it’s actually a parasitic fungus that infects larvae of insects. After the host dies, cordyceps is collected along with the host’s body and used to make a powder, which is often included in various anti-aging, energy boosting, and even anti-tumor supplements.

As for physical performance, cordyceps may not work miracles, but it substantially increases lung capacity. Better lung capacity = more oxygen delivered to your muscles = better results in the ring and beyond.


Rhodiola is another adaptogen for fighting both physical and mental fatigue. As a popular endurance supporter, this herb decreases heart rate during intense activities and makes you overall faster in your physical response, according to this study.

It was reported that rhodiola has little-to-no effects on muscle strength, so the regular intake of this supplement is useless if you only want to punch your opponents harder. However, it might make you faster, what’s also quite important in MMA sparrings.

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