5 Watch Styles Every Man Should Know

5 Watch Styles Every Man Should Know

Think..you are going to buy a watch but you have no idea from where it should buy? From where to start? Of which style watch will suit you? What style is best for what formality? What if you want to take a watch hiking? Or diving? Shopping online? How do you know if it fits? Or if you’re getting ripped off?

The main point is sometimes, overloaded information may also be dangerous for us. Have correct and right information help us to purchase correct watch. Here, we are discussing the top 5 watches styles every man should know before going to buy a wrist watch. So, go through the entire article.

Don’t be the guy who buys a watch on impulse to later find out that:

  • It doesn’t fit right
  • It was overpriced
  • The band material is weak
  • The metal is fake…or worse, it’s a luxury watch replica (that happened to me)
  • It doesn’t match anything

5 Watch Styles Every Man Should Know:

Dress Watches

Generally, the sole function of the dress watch is to go with a business suit or formal wear. Dress watches don’t always show accurate time and are not concerned with timekeeping as their main purpose as many don’t even have second hands. You will are probably now thinking about what features should you then consider? The answer is put simplicity and simplicity only.

Practically speaking, dress watches should be thin enough to slip in and out of a dress shirt cuff easily. The standard rules of matching metals and leathers with shoes and belts apply as well. It should only be worn with suits.

Field Watches

Field watches consist of stainless steel case, though modern versions may feature PVD coatings or titanium construction. Even if there if there is darkness, you will still be able to see time as it consist high-contrast black dial with white numbering. The polished gold hour markers that are common on more formal watches can be slow to read in the field and can create undesirable glare under sunlight.

Aviator Watches

There is not a single style that will define aviator watch. By keeping the forward thinking, the aviation industry, the type has grown and developed as new technology and new requirements have emerged. The earliest aviator watch had to be accurate and readable under low-light conditions. Field watches, with their hand-wound movements and black dials with large white numerals, satisfied both of these requirements.

Over time, air forces around the world began to develop watches with specific aviation functions. In the 1930s, the Luftwaffe developed the Flieger style of watches: The Type-A with simple numerals and delta index at 12 o’clock, and the Type-B with large minutes in the outer dial and hours in the inner dial.

Dive Watches

The dive watch is one of the most prolific men’s watch styles. It should be obvious that accurate timekeeping is crucial when hundreds of feet underwater while carrying a finite supply of air. As a result, divers have always demanded superior timepieces.

Modern scuba didn’t really exist until the 1950s, right around the time, Ian Fleming started writing the James Bond novels. Fleming wrote the novels every summer while vacationing at his home in Jamaica, where he was an avid diver.

This was the same time that Rolex introduced the Submariner and so Bond, diving and Rolex have been linked ever since.

Longines Watches

Longines, a Swiss luxury watchmaker, was founded in the year 1832. Along with its great history, Longines has also built a strong reputation because of its winged hourglass logo that is amongst the oldest logos which is still active and remains unchanged. The charm of Longines watch collection strongly reflects the spirit of the company.


We hope that now you now understand the top 5 watch styles for men. Please tell us too by commenting below. We are waiting for your comments.