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6 Things You Need To Know If You Are Traveling With Kratom

These days users are very much worried about traveling internationally and around the country with Kratom. That’s because of the false and unclear regulations. You might have come across specific questions on the internet like ‘is it legal to travel with Kratom,’ ‘how to carry Kratom on an airline,’ ‘will I get detained for drug possession.’ Well, it’s because of the erratic regulations by several regulatory bodies that become an obstruction for users traveling with Kratom.

It is a herbal product and can be useful in treating inflammation, pain, and many health conditions. To understand the legality of Kratom, let’s do a quick rundown of six things you need to know while traveling with Kratom.

Study Kratom Laws And Regulations

traveling with kratom

Since the regulations surrounding the legality of Kratom is still in the grey area, people hesitate and even get worried when they hear about detention cases. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) doesn’t approve Kratom to be a supplement useful for medical purposes. The DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) also happened to have made a distinction by making Kratom unfit for consumption. However, federal law does not term Kratom as illegal. As a result of this, it can be traded, possessed, and consumed, be it Green Maeng Da Kratom capsules, Red Maeng Da Kratom capsules, or White Maeng Da Kratom capsules. Find your body’s ideal kratom capsules and reap out all the benefits..

TSA (Transport Security Administration) regulates all the public transports in the US, and it keeps on updating the regulations with regards to natural supplements. Kratom happens to be permitted and legal to travel with, but your destination plays an essential role as all the states do not have the same ground laws for Kratom.

1. Know Kratom Laws of Different States

Since the federal laws prevail all over the United States, every jurisdiction or state has their ground regulations and legislations applicable in their respective areas. Many states still have stringent rules when it comes to Kratom possession and consumption.

These states happen to have their own rules and regulations, so if you are planning to carry Kratom, be aware of the legal complications that might arise. Some of the places that have banned Kratom are:

● Alabama: It’s not permitted to travel with Kratom in Alabama. The airport from which you departed might have cleared you, but Alabama airport officials have certain rights to detain you.
● Arkansas: The stringent laws of Arkansas doesn’t allow the usage or possession of Kratom.
● Rhode Island: The part of the country has very strict laws, and people carrying Kratom will be eligible for legal actions because of law unawareness.
● Indiana, Vermont, and Wisconsin are some of the other states that have banned the usage of Kratom within their boundaries.

2. Know Kratom Laws of Different Countries

airport, traveling with Kratom

Traveling within the boundaries of the US might be more comfortable, but when you plan on leaving the country with Kratom, it is advisable to go through the rules and regulations of the destination country.

In Asia, Kratom happens to be legal everywhere except countries such as Israel, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea. However, in Thailand, one cannot grow Kratom, but if you are traveling with it, you won’t be disturbed.

In New Zealand and Australia, Kratom is illegal. In exceptional cases where you have a doctor’s prescription for Kratom, you can travel with it. But if it’s solely for pleasure, avoid taking with it.

Similarly, in Europe, this botanical substance is banned for consumption in Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Sweden, Romania, and Russia. The UK and Italy have also made it legal for Kratom to be traded, possessed, and sold.

Canada is also one of the recent countries to have banned Kratom, so it’s not advisable to travel with it. South America, for that matter, is a little bit different. This continent does not have any laws with regards to Kratom, as it has not penetrated the local market yet. You won’t be able to find Kratom anywhere on this continent except for Brazil.

3. How to carry Kratom on an airline

Even though you can travel with Kratom on any public transport in the US, there still are lingering questions about going through airport security checkpoints. Don’t hassle over it as these questions are just a step of clearance procedure in the states. So, if you are carrying any liquid or powder-like substance related to Kratom, you can always clarify.

airport, traveling with Kratom

Since the laws depend on the jurisdiction you’re traveling amidst, and if Kratom happens to be banned there, the substance you’re carrying will be confiscated, and you’ll end up facing legal actions. Another essential tip is to keep this substance in the checked-in luggage.

4. Store it properly

To avoid leakages and spills, make sure that you seal the tincture or powder. Although vendors through which you’ve bought the item might have a proper packaging, however, while flying, the pressure might rupture the bottle or the bag in which it is stored.

Try going with extra covers of plastic and Bubble-wraps to keep kratom supplements safe and secure from any spillage. Moreover, if your Kratom supplement is in liquid form, do not carry it in the hand-carry luggage.

5. When in doubt, leave it behind

It’s always essential for you to stay out of trouble, even if it comes at a price. Thinking wisely would keep you away from law enforcement officials of countries that are not aware of Kratom. And, if they aren’t aware of it, they wouldn’t have procedures and ways of identifying what you’re carrying. This would make the substance illegal.

The whole scenario changes when you leave the US jurisdiction, so if you are not aware of the destination country’s Kratom laws and regulations or if you think the law is not clear enough, try leaving the substance behind. It’s best to avoid legal complications.


Due to the dubious legalities of different cities and countries, you might end up opening the packaging of your Kratom product. The sole purpose of this article is to make travelers aware of the outcomes and possibilities of traveling with Kratom. The TSA, however, doesn’t have any problems with any substance unless it’s legal.

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