Writing a Strong Personal Statement

6 Tips for Writing a Strong Personal Statement

If to speak about university application, one is to acknowledge that application processes may be extremely tough in terms of doing your best to get accepted. As follows, it is a must to have a successfully written personal statement, which will show what you have acquired during your academic life. However, such tasks may be complicated for students because, in a limited word count, you have to describe all your skills. For such a reason, we recommend having a glance at personal statement writing services to get acquired with the most crucial points to include and depict in your work. Conversely, here we will focus on 5 tips on how to write an outstanding presentation of your accomplishments, which we find really important.

Describe your firm sides

At first, focus on your most precious sides, which will apply to your field of interest. You don’t necessarily need to describe the courses you have completed because the selection committee will be more interested in the impact these programs had on you, your mindset, and your intellectual advancement. Also, it would be great if you show the committee how you cope with the critical situations in your life and provide some examples to persuade the commission that you have solutions to any obstacles you face. If you have work experience or have previously taken part in some volunteer programs, which have at least mere similarities with the course you are applying for, be sure to include it in your statement. This will unequivocally increase your chances by showing that you are prone to be an active, enthusiastic, and open-minded individual.

Appropriate structure

Mind this section while writing the statement because a lot of information about you should be written in very few words, so a structure is a crucial element to follow. Besides, the personal statement for universities might be merely longer than for a CV, bear in mind that they still have a limit. For example, according to UCAS, a personal statement must be no more than 4,000 characters. Nonetheless, you have to write a catchy introduction, so adding a quote or captivating short story from your life will be a fabulous idea.


During your writing, don’t forget to revise it from time to time to not write the whole pointless text because it will take a lot of time to rewrite it. At the beginning of your writing, try to divide your text into short paragraphs and check them, for example, for grammar mistakes or whatsoever. Having any errors in your written work means that you were not cautious enough or even did not possess solid writing abilities.

What is more, you can give your statement to your peers to check it, and if it sounds engaging and does not have any confusion, you can move forward on writing the next parts. By the way, avoid overused phrases like ‘I was born to be a linguist’ because it sounds wordy and may well irritate the admission tutor.

Indicate your goals

The committee hiddenly aspires to hear how you see the program you pursue will help you to achieve your goals in a long-term perspective. Mainly because the people who check it want to see if your aspirations to get accepted to the course will not be mistaken and won’t cause any doubts if it suits you well or not. Don’t write things you are not sure about, especially if you don’t possess a specific goal. Just be honest with your targets and describe them to the fullest. By that, you will give the committee unambiguous reasons for selecting the course you are implementing.

Start early

By that, we want to convey that it would be reasonable to start writing the draft of the personal statement beforehand for the reason that it will take some time to arrange your thoughts, make right priorities regarding your program, and think about the most valuable knowledge you will obtain after finishing it. Therefore, you won’t be in a rush writing the whole personal statement without any ideas one day before the deadline. Hence, if you have at least a rough sketch of your presentation, you will be able to edit and polish it, which is an essential thing.

Follow the requirements

When it comes to the question of elements, it should be examined under the scope of the specific course you have ambitions to enroll. There is no need to add information about your physical accomplishments if you pursue to get involved in political science. To be short but precise, focus on your persuasive skills, which find some correlation with your potential studies.


If you have some burning ambitions to enroll in the college or university, you should know how to write a strong personal statement to persuade the admission staff that you are the one who is genuinely appropriate to the course. In our humble opinion, we selected 6 tips, which are to help the applicant to get accepted to the program as well as to support the candidate to distinguish the most predominant sides to be included in the application.

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