6 Ways MMA Fighters Can Benefit From CBD Gummies

6 Ways MMA Fighters Can Benefit From CBD Gummies

Mixed Martial Arts fighters are some of the most disciplined athletes in the world. In between fights, they train in technique for three hours a day, and they do cardio three to four times a week. They start preparing for a fight about two months ahead of time, training for as many as six hours a day. Fighters spend hours doing intense cardio, lifting, and sparring, with little time to recover before the next training session.

Efficient recovery is essential to an MMA fighter’s training. In order to keep building on the last session, their bodies need to be in top condition, with the perfect balance of breakdown and recovery. This is why MMA fighters are turning to CBD gummies to maximize their potential in and out of the ring. Along with the right nutrition, CBD will work with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help regulate the body and speed healing. An organic diet and CBD products—like these CBD gummies from Verma Farms—made using organically-grown hemp, will go a long way in keeping MMA fighters in top shape. Keep reading to find out why MMA fighters—and really any athletes—can benefit from incorporating CBD gummies into their training routine.

1. Sleep

Training athletes need eight to nine hours of sleep every night. This is when the body repairs damaged tissues and muscles. If an athlete’s sleep is disrupted or not deep enough, or if they have a hard time getting to sleep, then recovery does not happen to its fullest potential. This sets an MMA fighter behind in the next day’s training session.

MMA fighters need to not only be in top physical condition, but also in top mental condition. Mixed Martial Arts is a high-stress sport with a high chance of injury. Fighters may depend on the strength of their bodies for some of the fight, but the strength of their minds is just as important. A fighter needs focus, calm, and concentration, in order to achieve the highest level of performance. In order to do this, a full night of sleep is essential.

CBD gummies will help athletes get the best possible rest, so they can perform at their peak the next day. CBD gummies are a delicious snack after a hard day of training, and they work with the endocannabinoid system to help the body return to homeostasis. At bedtime, another dose can be taken to ensure a solid night of rest and recovery.

Not only does CBD positively affect the sleep cycle directly, but it also works together with other processes to help the body heal. Those processes in turn help the body get even better sleep. With CBD working in this way to help the whole body heal, recovery becomes optimized.

2. Calm

In the ring, MMA fighters need to stay calm so they can focus on beating their opponent. The fight takes mental agility just as much as physical. CBD gummies can help fighters keep their cool and stay calculated and practical in their technique. They can also help fighters relieve pre-fight anxiety.

Out of the ring, MMA fighters need to stay focused and mentally disciplined in order to stay on track with their training. Hours of training every day takes an emotional toll, so it is helpful to have an all-natural supplement to aid relaxation. Some athletes even take a low dose of CBD before training to help them stay focused.

3. Powerful Pain Relief

CBD is an anti-inflammatory. CBD gummies will work with the endocannabinoid system to fight inflammation, which in turn aids healing. Fighters cannot fight their best fight if they are dealing with too much pain and swelling. That is why it is essential to find helpful methods reduce these post-training effects as much as possible.

Many MMA fighters combine the powerful effects of CBD gummies and topical treatments to maximize the benefits of CBD. Rubbing some CBD ointment on sore muscles can help those muscles recover overnight. Plus, minimizing pain will aid in a better night’s sleep, thus further propelling the recovery process.

4. Avoid Turning to Other Drugs

Some athletes are turning to CBD in order to avoid prescription NSAIDs or opioids to get relief from pain and swelling. This is a big deal. NSAIDs like Tylenol and Advil can be hard on the liver if taken long-term. They can also negatively affect the digestive system, and lead to loss of recovery because the body is not efficiently processing much-needed proteins and vitamins.

And the benefits of avoiding opioids should go without saying. The spotlight has only been on the opioid crisis for a short time, but professional athletes and MMA fighters are no strangers to the epidemic. Until recently, opioids were the go-to pain relief method for doctors of athletes. This has led to serious addiction problems. Not to mention that opioids for pain relief also negatively affect recovery.

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. It works with the body’s endocannabinoid system to bring down swelling and help the body recover with less pain. MMA fighters who use CBD gummies before and/or after their training session give themselves a leg-up on managing pain and swelling. Which also contributes to a better night’s sleep.

5. Brain Repair

Some studies have shown that CBD can aid in the repair of neurons. It is believed to help new brain cells grow and help the nervous system recover from injury. Which is an essential part of recovery. Particularly in a sport that involves regular trauma to the head.

MMA fighters often do not wear any sort of head protection in their training or fights. This can lead to some pretty devastating injuries. At the very least, getting your head knocked and jostled around in such a rough manner as in MMA fighting would be hard on the brain. If CBD can help ease the healing process for a fighter, then that fighter is all the better for it.

6. Putting it All Together

As mentioned earlier, the total package of CBD gummy benefits is actually much greater than the individual benefits. Each point in the recovery process for serious athletes affects the next recovery point, and it continues in a cycle. So if sleep is better, inflammation is better. If inflammation is better, then anxiety is better. And so on, until it all comes back around to sleep, which is better if inflammation and anxiety are better. CBD is a natural way for MMA fighters to feel better all around so that they can keep training for optimum performance.

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