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7 Tips for Teens How To Balance School and Sport

As a teenager, you must have a lot going on in your life. School, friends, family, and hobbies among other things. Balancing school life and your personal life is quite a challenge. If you also take part in sports in your school it becomes even more challenging as a lot of time is demanded from you.

Assignments, early morning practices, hanging out with friends and visiting your family are all important things that need to be done. With proper planning, desire and good time management, balancing school and sports will be manageable. As you strive to maintain a balance, you also develop beneficial qualities such as self-discipline and responsibility. Here are a few tips on how to balance school and sport.

Plan Your Time Well

plan your time well
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The key to success in anything is creating a good schedule and following through with that plan. Have a planner where you can schedule your activities for the day, week and month. As you create your plans, you need to be realistic and practical to make it easier for you to follow through with them.

During the initial days, you may find that a schedule does not work as well as you thought it would. Do not hesitate to make changes whenever it is necessary until you finally find a schedule that works perfectly for you.

Manage Your Time Wisely

Of course, you must have planned out your time well while creating your schedule. During the day, you may get some free time and it is important that you use it wisely. Traveling time is an example. You can use this time to go through your notes or complete an online assignment. If you finish your lunch before your lunch break is over, you can take some time to complete assignments so that you can have more time to relax or do other things once you get home. This will help you balance grades as you will always be up to date on your academic work.

Avoid Procrastination

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Procrastination is the key to failure and it should be avoided at all times. It creates unnecessary pressure leading to less productivity and poor performance.

There may be times when you are exhausted and cannot do as much as you had planned to. Instead of postponing the task, you can do a part of it then follow through later on.

Ask for Help

At times, you may be extremely exhausted or you may have an emergency situation that forces you to leave everything behind so that you can attend to it. Catching up on everything you had planned to do may be quite stressful afterward if not impossible. To avoid burnout from overworking, you can always ask for help when it comes to your school assignments.

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Make Good Use of Your Resources

Some schools are very supportive of their student-athletes hence they give them all the resources they need in order to help them do well both academically and as athletes. Some of the resources include tutors, extra credit or access to the study premises at any time. Ensure you find out what resources are available for athletes in your school and make full use of them.

Always Stay Motivated

To stay motivated, review your short-term and long-term goals once in a while to remind you of what you want to accomplish. Also, keep a record of your achievements and review them from time to time to give you the motivation to continue working hard.

Another way to stay motivated is to read about the experience of people you relate to and consider what they went through, how they tackled their challenges and the benefits they reaped from their hard work.

Schedule Time to Relax

Balance School and Sport
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Always create time to relax to help your body free itself from the stress and hectic schedule you have been through. Getting enough rest and relaxation will have a positive impact on your mental and physical health which helps improve your performance in school.


Academics sport balance is not easy but it can be done. The key is to have good time management skills, self-discipline and a little help from time to time. Find out about all the resources your school makes available for athletes and take advantage of them if they benefit you.

Time management is important to ensure you accomplish all the tasks you need to on time. You can thus plan your time, not forgetting to add some time to sit back and relax. You may lose motivation at some point especially when you get overwhelmed but always strive to stay motivated by appreciating what you have accomplished so far and reviewing your future goals.

Jeff Blaylock is a personal development coach. He is also a content writer and focuses on helping students succeed in their academic life as well as their athletic life. Jeff has written various articles containing practical tips that most students can apply to find a balance in all aspects of life.

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