A Wallet Chain for a Wise Man. Reviewing Your Options

A Wallet Chain for a Wise Man. Reviewing Your Options

When we talk about wallet chains for men, some people may think they are a bit dated and even excessive. However, in our opinion, they are perfect accessories for virile and active guys. Looking imposing, strong, and reliable, they will compliment your overall look while securing your wallet in the place it should be.


Thick and durable wallet chains are often called biker chains. They got such a name not because bikers came up with the idea of fastening a chain to a wallet, but because they made a significant contribution to their popularization. In general, people devised ways to protect their possessing long before our time. Ancient people carried soft pouches around their necks to store their valuables and food.

In the Renaissance, men attached a leather bowgett bag to the belt to carry money, receipts, and jewelry. In a more or less modern form, wallet chains appeared in the Wild West. Cowboys would carry all their belongings with them and they couldn’t let a wallet fall out of their pocket. Therefore, they attached one end of a chain or rope to a wallet and the other – to themselves.

When the biker movement was still in its infancy, motorcyclists faced the same dilemma as cowboys – how to make sure that a wallet is secure when riding a motorcycle. They had to craft makeshift wallet+chain kits out of regular men’s billfolds because 70 years ago, wallets were not complemented with any holes or rings. Soon enough, luckily, designers addressed the motorcyclists’ need with a simple and effective solution. On the one hand, they simply added a grommet or ring to the wallets. On the other hand, they equipped the chains with two clasps. Since then, wearing wallets on a leash and experimenting with different styles has been a piece of cake.

Types of Wallet Chains

It is a no-brainer to figure out how a wallet chain looks. It is a piece of chain with two clasps on both ends. Their lengths vary depending on how you want to rock it – resting on your hip or letting it hang around your knees. Thickness and weight are also different. Those who seek comfort and freedom of movement, choose light and thin items. If a guy is looking for a statement piece to show off, he’ll benefit from a burly heavy-duty model. There are even double and triple chain options to create a multi-layered badass look.

All in all, wallet chains are pretty straightforward despite the robust selection of models.


You would think that chains are cast exclusively from metals and alloys but this is not exactly so. Indeed, the most practical and reliable models are made of metal but you can also benefit from leather items imbued with a Wild West vibe.


The most handy, durable, and inexpensive option is a steel chain. Hard to tear or damage, they are suitable for daily wear and can be easily replaced with another one if lost or broken. This is an ideal solution for those who want to change different styles but don’t desire to break the bank.


Silver is a more valuable and noble metal. A silver wallet chain is something that you cherish and want to keep safe and sound. You will definitely have to fork out to get an eye-catching silver model. Silver itself is not too expensive but given the weight and complexity of the design, a stout piece will cost a pretty penny. Unlike steel products, such chains are made by hand. With all of the said above, a silver wallet chain is a choice for special occasions. However, nothing can stop you from rocking such a chain all the time. Whenever you need to reliably secure your wallet, it pulls off. Over time, it will gain a respectful retro look due to tarnishing (which is a breeze to remove if you wish).


Brass chains are inferior to steel and silver ones in popularity but they do not lag behind in terms of beauty. Being an alloy of zinc and copper, brass has a characteristic yellowish color. Bikers gravitate towards white metals and yellow stands out sticking out like a sore thumb. However, if you have no prejudice about the color, brass chains are more than fit for purpose. They are strong, tear-resistant, and pleasantly hefty. As you flaunt it, the shiny surface of brass will tarnish acquiring a noble antique finishing.


Leather is an unconventional choice but arguably more visually pleasing. Leather is light, soft, and flexible. You won’t feel it weighing you down when worn on your hip. It doesn’t make a sound unlike jiggling metal counterparts.

Leather wallet chains are not exactly ‘chains’. They are rather two, three or more stripes of leather weaved together. When experimenting with the width and color of these cords, designers obtain a new gamut of styles. You can pick single-color or multi-color, discreet or eye-eye catching, full-leather or leather & metal models, and many others.

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