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Amazing benefits of Rituals

Ritual is something that humans need to express as an outward expression of their inner consciousness. It was always there, and it will be. But unfortunately, it is so much underrated that we do not use this word more seriously. According to me, it is entirely reasonable to talk about your rituals, the ritual of morning coffee while reading newspapers.

A ritual is a tool that is not being understood well until now. In short, Rituals Work! Yes, they do. You can start your day with a ritual, and it will help you to make your day better. Moreover, rituals come with some surprising side effects that can slowly change your life.

1. Productivity

As mentioned above, with the daily morning rituals, you can make your day a great day. The rituals that make your morning routine can give you some extra dose of productivity, no matter what if your morning ritual is to create a to-do list for the day or to have a day plan, it gives you a sense of taking action.

Thus only morning ritual makes you focused throughout the day, and you end up crafting some beautiful day with exceptional productivity and a sense of achievement.

2. Creativity

Productivity and creativity work in the same direction and thus setting up your day with some morning rituals increase productivity for the day to make you right in creativity. Both of these have an immediate effect on your personality and self-development. So, it is essential to find rituals that work for you to make your day great, thus life.

We can find some proper rituals from successful people that can help us choosing a ritual for ourselves. You may doubt, but most of the successful people like sportspeople and athletes believe in rituals, and they have some secret rituals that have changed their lives.

Herestwo Good luck rituals of famous athletes.

• Wade Boggs’ Pregame Chicken Tradition

Pregame chicken tradition is also one of the proper luck rituals of famous athletes, but it is solely related to Wade Boggs. He used to eat a chicken before every match and had a routine of fielding 150 ground balls.

• Michael Jordan’s UNC Shorts

He is one of the most famous NBA players of 1990s, and he had a ritual of wearing his lucky shorts that he never changed during his whole career. The reason behind this was a thought of ritual and some connectivity with those shorts that made him more confident of winning more games. This is how those shorts may have been key to his success.

These were some excellent luck rituals of famous athletes that have a superb effect on their lives. Hence proved that it is not how people see a ritual; it is actually how you adopt a ritual. Proper luck rituals of famous athletes are good examples of that.

3. Satisfaction

Last but not least, rituals give you inner satisfaction at the end of the day. No matter what ritual you adopt, you end up earning satisfaction. Whether it is a yoga class or some time for yourself, ritual helps you to achieve happiness.

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