Are Bodybuilding Supplements Really Good for Every Man?

Unlike ordinary people, athletes, gym-goers, and bodybuilders need to take the best muscle building supplements. This is because they provide the micro and macronutrients needed to fuel the body, to support the body, to increase strength, to develop muscles, to boost muscle recovery, and to build endurance.

From the above statement, it is very clear that supplements can be massively beneficial for bodybuilding men.
There are many types of supplements currently available on the market. Different supplements provide different benefits. In the first part of this post, we will share with you the goodness/ benefits of various popular bodybuilding supplements. In the second part, we will share with you the risks of using bodybuilding supplements and how to avoid them.

Popular Bodybuilding Supplements and Their Proven Benefits

Whey Protein

Whey is probably the most popular and widely taken bodybuilding supplement in the world. It is also the safest. If you follow athletes, models, and fitness buffs on social media then you have probably seen them pushing whey protein brands as a powerful supplement.

This is true because whey protein is powerful. It is powerful because it is a high-quality protein that is made from milk. It has got Leucine and other amino acids essential for muscle building. So if you are trying to build serious mass, you should definitely take it. It will provide you with the extra protein your body needs to grow significantly.


Creatine is also one of the most popular types of supplements. Many people think creatine is artificial but it is not. Of course, it is artificial when it is manufactured it is lab-made but it is not a manmade chemical.
It is a natural enzyme synthesized by the body to stimulate the production of ATP. It is also found in eggs, fish, and meat. The bodybuilding benefits of taking creatine supplements include the provision of energy during heavy workouts and muscle growth and repair.

These benefits are proven and come because creatine stimulates ATP production. So if you are training hard, there is no way you can say creatine supplements would not be good for you.


Glutamine can be gotten from nuts and meats. It is an amino acid like creatine and is, therefore, useful for muscle building. The thing about Glutamine is that it is usually available in very low quantities from natural food sources. This is why bodybuilders prefer getting it directly from supplements.


BCAAs are Branched-Chain Amino Acids. They are three in number, namely Valine, Isoleucine, and Leucine. These three amino acids are very important for the post-workout period, which is the period when the body recovers from exercise, builds new and stronger muscles, and continues to burn fat.

This is because they help to provide amino acids for muscle repair and for triggering muscle protein synthesis. Therefore, when you take them as a male bodybuilder, you can expect faster recovery and muscle growth. BCAAs are also known to provide energy. Which is a useful benefit especially to bodybuilders who are training extremely hard to build muscle.

It is important to note that some supplements contain just one key BCAA amino acid and they still work brilliantly e.g. Crazy Bulk DBAL which has Isoleucine.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is criminally underrated as a bodybuilding supplement. However, what most bodybuilders do not know is that it has omega 3, which is like engine oil to the human body. It keeps everything moving perfectly, it delays fatiguing, and it prevents the stiffening of joints.

Moreover, it also enhances the circulation of oxygen and nutrients around the body to improve strength, stamina, and endurance. Omega 3, and other fish oil nutrients are also known to improve brain and cardiovascular health. They will make your brain and your heart stronger and healthier.

Fish oil can, of course, be gotten from eating seafood such as salmon and tuna. However, we all do not live close to the sea or love seafood, do we? This is why wise men and women get fish oil and omega 3 supplements for bodybuilding.


Carbs are carbohydrates. They have been thoroughly demonized in nutrition and fitness circles. However, what most people do not understand is that carbs are not the enemy. It is the number of carbs taken every day that can be a problem.

Carb supplements provide the body with the fuel it needs for workouts. This is why you will find most pre-workouts have a high carbohydrate content to ensure that users get the raw power they need to blast through workouts. So carb supplements are also very beneficial to bodybuilders.

As it is clear from the discussions above, supplements can provide many bodybuilding benefits. They are truly good for men who want to make their bodies bigger, stronger, more powerful, and more defined. However, there are some risks to avoid.

Risks of Using Workout Supplements and How to Avoid Them

The Risk of Steroid Use

Some unscrupulous supplement manufacturers add steroids to their supplements to make them more effective. This is not nice because although steroids can help you build muscle quickly, they are also illegal, banned from use in most competitions, and can cause serious side effects.

To avoid the risk of steroid use, you should stick to purchasing supplements only from renowned manufacturers such as Optimum Nutrition and Crazy Bulk.

The Risk of Substandard Supplements

Some supplements are made in unhygienic conditions, have unproven ingredients, or have hidden ingredients. You should strictly avoid them. This is because they are a waste of money and could lead to negative health effects.
Again, to avoid this risk, you should only buy supplements from proven private label supplement manufacturers.

The Risk of Replacing Food with Supplements

Supplements are supposed to supplement what we get from food. Some bodybuilders usually end up focusing too much on supplements instead of also improving their diets. This is wrong.

Food should not be replaced with supplements because food usually has more nutrients and is healthier. Therefore, you should aim to get more of your nutrients from real food and to only supplement those nutrients that you need more of.

Bottom Line

Muscle building supplements are fantastic for men. Many types are available on the market and they all have different benefits including providing serious mass, improving strength, and building power.
However, there are risks too that you need to be aware of and to avoid. So, all in all, supplements are good but they ought to be used wisely.

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