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Are Sports Really Back? 4 Things to Know About Live Sports Right Now

Live sports are back. Many of us went months without watching our favorite teams take the field, court, pitch or whatever other surface you prefer. That has been changing recently, however, and chances are that your first-choice games are either already underway or soon to be.

What exactly is the state of live sports in the wild, tragic, frustrating, and unpredictable year that is 2020? Well, it is different for different leagues. The news is generally positive though, and there are definitely many games being played these days. 

Specifically, the following represent some of the key facts, dates, and info that you should know about live sports in the big four leagues right now.

1. The NBA Is Nearing an End

The NBA playoffs are well underway and a champion will be crowned next month. Even after all these years, LeBron James remains a constant and may very well be playing for another ring soon. Of course, anything can happen in a year like this and nobody — not even ‘the King’ — is promised anything. As of now, the NBA Finals is set to begin on September 30 and then conclude over the subsequent two weeks, although that still is subject to change if the conference finals matchups end quickly.

2. The NHL Is Even Closer

The NHL, long the runt of the litter when it comes to interest among the big four professional U.S. men’s sports leagues, is just a little bit ahead of its basketball brothers. The conference finals pairings got underway on September 6, and the Stanley Cup Finals will begin in the middle of the month. With a bit of luck, we may see someone hoisting one of sports’ greatest trophies by the time the NBA Finals is just tipping off.

3. The NFL Is Back

Nothing gets people more excited to watch live sports than the National Football League. As with everything this year, it isn’t anything like normal. Still, are you ready for some football? I said, ARE YOU READY for some FOOTBALL? We know you are, and the season kicked off with the Super Bowl-winning Kansas City Chiefs beating the Houston Texans in front of 17,000 socially distanced fans on September 10. Don’t worry if you missed it though. There are still 17 weeks to go — then the playoffs. If you don’t want to miss a snap, be sure to partner with the best possible cable provider in your area.

4. MLB Is Moving Along

The joy of baseball is its role as the American pastime. It doesn’t offer the once-a-week thrill ride of the NFL, the stunning speed of hockey, or the spectacular athletic highlights of the NBA. It instead just carries on, day after day, in the background (albeit with a few hiccups this year) as a constant reminder of summer. Or, in this case, the looming fall. It’s what makes it the perfect radio sport to enjoy at the lake house or driving home after a long day at work. Still, watching it is even better, and now you can enjoy the rest of the season live on TV up until and through the World Series.

All the Way Live

No, the big four aren’t the only game in town. Millions — even billions — across the world are much more excited about their European version of football, which has been back longer than any other major sport. Soccer, in the form of the MLS and other leagues, is also back in the Americas. So is the WNBA, MMA, golf, tennis, and many, many other sports.

It’s a great feeling! We all need distractions these days and getting lost in the excitement of competition is one of the best. Whether you are most excited about the NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB, or something else, now is the time to get ready to rumble.

Your favorite sports are probably back. Now it’s up to you to tune in with the best service possible and never miss another game. After all, we now know that our favorite sports are not necessarily promised — so enjoy it while it lasts!

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