Best CBD Oil For Pain: Why MMA Fighters Are Using CBD To Boost Muscle Recovery

Best CBD Oil For Pain: Why MMA Fighters Are Using CBD To Boost Muscle Recovery

Cannabidiol is having its moment of popularity in today’s time. Since its legalization in many states and countries, both for medical and recreational purposes, it has been selling like hotcakes. While many are still on the fence about its use, those who swear by its effectivity have become loyal patrons. Some of these groups of people are MMA fighters.

By the nature of their sport, MMA fighters are under a lot of pressure and pain. In the past, the trend was always to go for synthetic painkillers. But, since the inception of CBD oil, many have started using CBD for pain as one of the most effective means of battling pain management.

Here’s why:

1. Helps Reduce Fatigue

After a hard day’s training, it’s normal for MMA fighters to feel tired and to have feelings of fatigue. Because of this pain and discomfort, the tendency is not to have any energy for the next day’s training. In fact, getting up may even sometimes be difficult to do.

When your body is under a lot of muscle pain, it also becomes difficult for you to sleep. This is where the magic of CBD oil comes in.

Apart from the pain relief that provides, CBD oil also helps you relax and sleep better. A good massage of CBD right before you sleep is set to improve your sleep quality. This benefit is on top of all others, such as pain management. Hence, reducing the need for any added supplement.

This means that despite the pain that you may be feeling, your feelings of fatigue are addressed since you’re able to sleep and rest well.

2. Helps Reduce Inflammation

Another positive thing about CBD oil is that it also helps reduce inflammation. Right after MMA fighters train, their muscles are under a lot of tension and breakage. After all, you’re stretching it out to great extents during your training. With CBD oil, you’re able to help reduce the inflammation that you experience.

CBD works this way because of the natural anti-inflammatory components that are found in CBD itself. This helps improve your mobility and reduces overall soreness. Muscles cannot heal if it’s under too much inflammation.

With CBD oil, you’re giving your body the chance to heal physically faster, as well.

3. Helps Reduce Pain

Another of the most common discomforts of MMA fighters associated with muscle recovery is the feeling of pain. When your muscle is torn and is under a lot of pressure, it’s natural that your body is going to be in a high state of pain. When this happens, you may also tend to move less.

However, for MMA fighters who have to train regularly, this isn’t possible. When you rest, you have to be a hundred percent comfortable. Such that you no longer exhibit any feelings of pain.

With CBD, the pain that your body experiences are reduced. When in your body, the CBD reacts with TRPV-1 receptors. The effect of this reaction? Your body temperature is regulated. And, your feelings of pain are managed properly. Hence, faster and better recovery for you as well.

4. Doesn’t Cause Addiction

When you’re always taking in synthetic painkillers, you’re giving yourself a higher chance of becoming addicted. On the other hand, because CBD is natural, it doesn’t make these MMA fighters have an addiction to this drug, even if they have to use it every day, or after every training session.

This is one essential thing to highlight with CBD oil. Although it comes from the hemp plant or marijuana, it’s processed to remove THC, which is the component of cannabis responsible for its addictive properties.

Additionally, CBD oil is used topically. For MMA fighters who have an aversion to regularly taking oral pills, this is their best recourse to manage their pain or muscle soreness.

5. Helps You Build More Muscle

When you train and work out, rather than tearing more muscle, you’d want to build more muscle. That way, your recovery is also better. However, this can be very difficult.

When your body is under a lot of physical stress, the cortisol in your body increase. When your body has heightened levels of cortisol, your muscle growth and protein synthesis are limited.

The answer to this? CBD. The components of cannabidiol oil interfere with the cortisol secretion in your body. Hence, muscle growth is promoted. When an MMA fighter has this positive effect on the body, the recovery is better as well.


CBD is everywhere. And, it’s used for all different types of purposes, and in all various forms as well. Out of the many, one of the most popular is CBD oil because of its ease of application and versatility of use.

Athletes have now found their go-to treatment for muscle pain. And, as sought after as it is now, it’s set only to increase in demand in the years to come.

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