Best Email List Hygiene Tips

Best Email List Hygiene Tips

Deliverability rate is one thing that all the email marketers care about the most, because a bad deliverability rate can affect your business badly, and you’d be wasting your money on incomplete emails blindly if you have deliverability issues.

Keeping a good email list hygiene can help you retain/ improve your deliverability rate. List hygiene isn’t that complex either, to put it simple, list hygiene means separating useful emails from the useless, mostly inactive or inaccurate emails. The process is simple, you get new subscribers, you try to engage them with quality content and attractive offers, and you delete the emails who didn’t react to your emails.

However, if you try maintaining the list hygiene through any ineffective and inadequate methods, you can actually end up loosing precious emails. So, here are some right ways to maintain a good email list hygiene.

Use Email Validation

Email validation is a process in which you separate the emails based on their activeness and remove any inactive emails from you list to maintain a good deliverability rate in the long run. Email validation services like TheChecker can help you in this regard.

Once you only have all the active emails on your list, the chances of your emails ending up in spam folders reduce drastically. So, you must use email validation services once in a while to clean up your list and maintain a good hygiene.

Double Opt-In Can Also Help

Double opt-in is when you send a verification email to your new subscribers, and they aren’t included in your email list until they click on the link provided in the confirmatory email.

Yes, it is true that double opt-in often decreases the rate of subscriber gain initially, but all the subscribers gained through this method are legitimate, have typed real emails and are willing to be your subscribers.

Double opt-in also helps you maintain list hygiene, as every subscriber is active from the start and all the accumulated data is 100% accurate.

Should You Buy An Email List?

Never, because premade email lists are often outdated, and can cause a sudden increase in your spam rate. That is primarily because you’re sending people your marketing emails without their consent, and that in itself is against the law.

Bought email lists are usually years old, and you might end up wasting your money on useless trash.

What If You’re Running A Contest?

People usually make separate emails for useless things, and hardly ever open any message received on them. That is why if you’re running a contest, make sure to tell your customers that the winner would be contacted through the email account they used for singing in. This will compel the contestants to use their primary emails.

These were some of the most common techniques used by the marketers to maintain a good email list hygiene, however you can also check some more tips to manage your email list in a good manner and grow your subscriber count over time instead of losing them.

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