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Betfred: What Makes It One Of The Best Bookmakers In The UK

What Is Betfred: 

Betfred is one of the leading gambling companies in the UK. They are a popular and widely used online betting scene which is famous for all the right reasons. It offers different promotions and bonuses for its customers.  It caters to every customer’s unique needs. Betfred is one of the few bookmakers in the UK that still maintains a high audience. This proves how versatile it is and can meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

To better understand where Betfred stands on the UK betting scene,  let’s take a look at what else Betfred has to offer for its new and existing customers.

Welcome Promotions And Offers

Betfred offers a wide range of promotions and bonus opportunities to their existing customers. But Betfred is also known for its welcome offers, exclusive for new customers. If you are a new customer, you can get up to £30 in free bets when you stake £10. You can learn more about the Betfred welcome offers at 

If you have already signed up, follow the step by step instruction below to benefit from the bookmaker welcome offers on their free bet page.  

  • Place your first bet, with a stake of at least £10
  • After placing your first bet, you’ll get the free bets afterward 

Variety Of Sports And Market :


Another main attraction of Betfred is the wide range of sports and markets. There are about 3o different sports that you can bet on. All-time favorite sports such as horse racing, basketball, and football are also available on the menu. However, football is a frequently used sport. It is a well-covered sport at Betfred, you can bet major leagues and competitions from all over the world. You can also bet on minor tournaments taking place across the globe the Belarus Premier League.


Most of the Betfred promotions are related to football, with unique offerings such as Goals Galore, Double Delight, and Hat-trick Heaven. 

Many other promotions are focused on horse racing also. At Betfred, you can bet on international races, taking place in Australia, France, South Africa. You can find meetings from the UK and Ireland covered.

There is a corporate side to Betfred, Betfred has an association with the world snooker championship, the world matchplay darts, and the British Masters. You will see different promotions and offers particularly related to these events on the Betfred site. 

Betfred has amazing promotions but when it comes to separate odds, Betfred could use some improvement as it lags behind many of its competitors.

Betfred Pick Your Punt Feature 

Betfred has recently introduced Pick Your Punt. As many other bookmakers in the UK have come up with ‘request a bet’ feature, Betfred did too, and Pick Your Punt is Betfred’s offering. 

This feature enables customers to build their own bets. A customer can combine different market ranges and have their own unique wager. Customers also have an option of betting on the ‘pick your punt’ market that is already available on Betfred’s website. Mostly this feature covers football but there also other opportunities where you can use this feature on tennis and cricket. 


Nifty-Fifty With Betfred: 

Nifty-Fifty is an exclusive game that you can play by numbers betting with Now, you may be wondering what is number betting and how it is played. You can play numbers betting by placing fixed odds bets on an outcome that was produced to be used for the numbers betting. 

You can bet on either numbers or groups. You can choose numbers between 1 and 5 and if the numbers you chose are drawn, your bet will win. For the groups, you can pick any group of numbers such as even or odds. If the group drawn by the first ball matches with the group you picked,  it’s the winner. 

You can play it yourself or watch it live at


Betfred Licensing Information

Initially, Betfred started in the Uk but now the Betfred brand is famous across the globe. Betfred is licensed by the Gibraltar Government and regulated by the Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner for the customers outside the UK. Betfred is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission of Great Britain for UK customers. 

The operators are instructed to strictly adhere to the instruction and follow the rules laid out by the commission. For example,  Only customers who are 18 years old or above can sign up, Betfred has to make sure of that.  The Betfred should also assist and guide new customers who may have an issue with gambling and provide good customer service. 

Desktop And Mobile App User-Friendly Interface 

Online betting scenes can be frustrating. Slow systems and poor graphics just add to the frustration. An online bookmaker platform needs to work seamlessly because no one likes getting foiled by slow loading times.  Betfred desktop sites at the top of their game and work perfectly with little to no waiting time. The loading times are quick and you can navigate through different pages easily. 

Navigation is easy and you can find your betting slip displayed clearly at the right side of your screen. Different betting options are available on the left-hand side of the screen. The process of finding sports and markets is smooth thanks to its user-friendly website.  


You can also bet through their mobile app, which has renewed the market in recent years. The app is available on both iOS and Android. It enables customers to claim promotions and bonuses directly from the app. Betfred offers excellent mobile betting service, if you don’t feel like downloading an app you can access the site on your smartphone’s browser. It gives complete access to your account wherever you may. You can also bet using your Apple watch, making it easier and simpler. 


In-play Betting And Live Streaming

One of the basic attractions of an online bookmaker is its live betting and streaming, it’s the key component. Let’s take a look at how Betfred competes in the bookie market of the UK and has managed to stay a step ahead. Let’s start by looking at its in-play betting options.

It will be fair to say that Betfred’s live betting feature is comparatively more enhanced than what else is available on the online market. Under its in-play feature, you will find a variety of different sports, some of them are the following  


  • Football
  • Golf
  • Baseball
  • American Football 
  • Rugby 
  • Tennis
  • Snooker
  • Basketball

At Betfred, customers also get a chance of betting on esports in play. This option is not available on many leading bookmakers in the UK. you can find out which events are taking place at any time of the day by heading to Betfred’s website and clicking on the In-Play tab on the Betfred site.


Now, let’s talk about the live streaming feature. Even though it is not an essential feature for a smooth and enjoyable gambling experience, it is a good feature to offer to the customers. It is especially a good feature for customers who do not have access to other broadcast options.

However, there are some rules particular to Betfred’s live streaming service. The rules may differ depending on which live stream a customer wants to watch. Generally, you can only get access to a live stream if you have placed on that one event. However, sometimes all that’s needed is a funded account to access the live stream. 

Different Payment Methods:

The availability of different payment methods is an important aspect that attracts more customers. Catering to different needs of different customers, Betfred doesn’t disappoint when it comes to payment options. Betfred offers a wide range of options for cash deposit and withdrawal. 

You can find all the information stated you might need under the help tab on Betfred’s website.  You can read the information even without signing up or holding Betfred membership. However, information related to which currencies are accepted and what the maximum deposit amounts are is hidden somewhere in the help tabs.

There are 4 different payment methods offered by Betfred and they come with their own set of terms and conditions. Customers need to read through the T&Cs and understand them before you deposit or transfer funds.  

What payment methods are available and which one is right for you, let’s explore all the options. 


  • Debit card


Transferring funds with a debit card are the most used and preferred option for many people. On Betfred’s website, Visa, Maestro, and Visa Electron are accepted and no fee is charged for using these cards. However, you should check with your bank if any fees will be applied by their end.

To have a smooth experience, you need to ensure that your name and address of your bank matches the information that is on your Betfred account. 

Betfred uses secure code for the safety of your funds. Each time you make a transfer, you will be asked to enter your password. However, before you can use your debit card for depositing funds, you will be required to provide additional documents to get yourself. authorized. You might be asked to provide a copy of your valid driving license, bank, and front of your debit card and a copy of your passport or recent bank statement. 


  • E-wallets


Another popular and widely used method for transferring funds online is e-wallets. You can withdraw and deposit funds by using e-wallets on Betfred’s website. Betfred supports three major e-wallets such as Paypal, Neteller, and Skrill. Again, the name and email address of your e-wallet should match the information that you have entered on your Betfred account. 

For Paypal users, the minimum deposit is £5.50 and the minimum withdrawal should be £5. And the maximum withdrawal amount of £5,000 also applies. With Paypal, Betfred won’t apply any extra fees for fund transfer. For Neteller customers, a minimum deposit is set at £5.50. The minimum amount of withdrawal is £5  and the maximum limit is £4,000. If you play through your initial deposit, the withdrawals are free of charge. On to Skrill. Users need to deposit at least £5. No fees are applied by Betfred. As for withdrawals, a minimum of £5 is required, with a maximum limit of £6,500.


  • Paysafecard


You need to buy Paysafecards or vouchers and then only you can use them to make your deposit in your Betfred account. All you need to do is enter the voucher code on the Betfred deposits page. 


  • Bank transfer


You can also use bank transfer to deposit and withdraw funds, this option enables you to transfer funds wherever in the world you are.

However, the minimum deposit amount set for this option is £85. The minimum amount for this option is higher than any other method available on Betfred’s website. This method also takes longer, a customer has to wait for at least 2 days before the transaction is processed. Once it hits your betting account, Betfred will notify you by email. Once you get the funds, Betfred will ping you by sending an email. 

Betfred charges a customer a whooping  £25 for an urgent transfer and  £12 for a standard transaction.

Customer Service: 

As one of the best bookmakers in the UK, Betfred tries to facilitate its customers in many different ways. One of them is their outstanding customer support. If you face any issue related to your account or gambling you can get it solved instantly. 

However,  before you reach out for the customer support,  we would recommend you to go through the comprehensive Help menu found on the Betfred site. Betfred makes sure to provide in-depth menus. But if you can’t find any solution to your particular problem, you can contact customer service.  You can get in touch with the customer support representatives through email, live chat, and phone number.  

Bookmakers are taking advantage of social media to attract new customers but they are also providing immediate to their existing customers through these platforms. So if you don’t prefer talking or emailing, you always also contact the Betfred team through their Facebook or Twitter handles. But, allow them some time to reply. 

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