Build your freelance writing career: Where to begin?

Build your freelance writing career: Where to begin?

Tens of thousands of people are interested in working online. Some people immediately have the sense to understand that making money on clicks, installing applications, sending letters or attracting referrals is a waste of time, and someone needs to make sure of it personally.

So, a person comes to the conclusion that without special knowledge (for example, skills in Photoshop or HTML-layout), you can earn money on the Internet only by becoming a copywriter. And if at school you freely express thoughts on paper, giving out breathtaking essays, unlike your classmates, you feel self-confident, then mastering the craft of “freelance writer” does not seem to be an unbearable burden.

But is it worth it to devote your time and strength to this profession? If not, why not? For whom the work of a copywriter will be a joy, and who will be brought an extra stress and frustration? And most importantly, what tips will help to quickly master the freelance writing job?

With the development of the Internet, such a service as writing original texts has become very popular. The “original” means not in the sense of “intricate”, but in the sense of “having no analogues on the Web.” This significantly affects the search results of the site where your text is published. The need to write such texts gave rise to the emergence of freelance writing.

Working as a freelance writer is a great option for both part-time work and starting a promising career as a writer. It all depends on your abilities, perseverance, aspiration, and of course desire. However, you need to understand that the freelance writer career is built gradually. Big minus – first you have to work for a penny, and only then, when you acquire the necessary knowledge, experience and loving clientele, your earnings will increase significantly.

A big plus of such work is that you can work from home and not depend on anyone.

However, before you seriously get into the work of a freelance writer, think about whether this is right for you? If the rest of the main work is more valuable to you than an additional part-time job at the computer, you should seriously think about the appropriateness of such additional earnings as copywriting. If you decide to become a professional, you will have to take this craft as a full-fledged work, and not as an easy part-time job with quick money, otherwise an unserious approach to business will play a cruel joke with you. If you feel that creative activity, on the contrary, helps you to relax and unwind after work, if you want to reach a high professional level, to make high-quality content for popular sites, then we will be happy to help you with advice on how to start a freelance writing career.

For writing texts, a special gift is not needed. As well as in any other business, both purposefulness and diligence are necessary. This is quite logical – here we are not talking about creating artistic masterpieces. Freelance writers involved in an academic job online are required to compile simple and informative texts on a given topic. What is needed for this?

Start by learning

The first 3-6 months you will have to read a lot and try to put the read into practice. There are plenty of articles about writing texts in the network; it’s enough to google “the basics of copyright” or something similar.

It does not hurt to get a professional habit to pay attention to the design of the text in articles and books that come across. Which text is easy to read, which is not; when it is interesting, and when not so much; how many sentences in paragraphs, how many subtitles. If you liked some article, try to understand why. So, you will have your own standard – your own understanding of what the ideal text should be.

Where you can get orders?

Orders are taken on freelance exchanges. How does the exchange work? The customer leaves a request. Further, those who offer their service line up in the comments. Most likely, you will have to start with the work of the rewriter. Rewriting is the best option as a freelance writing job for beginners.

Such topics will be infinitely boring in 99% of cases. However, when there is a certain experience, you can try to write to the owners of the sites that seem to you “close in spirit” – perhaps they need writers. This will allow you to start writing on more interesting topics, build your career as a freelance writer, becoming content writer.

What skills will definitely help you to become a promising content writer:

· knowledge of language rules. If you can boast of absolute literacy, your price in the writing market will increase significantly;

· knowledge of the basics of SEO – that is, the optimization of the text of the article under the key phrase;

· ability to write text which will be sold easily, product descriptions, reviews, texts for landing pages, etc. This is what brings the mainstream money to freelance content writers.

The ability to write relevant, interesting texts on fascinating topics that will serve as articles, reviews on customer sites. Such text should enthrall the reader, attract the client to the product. This, of course, comes with experience, so do not be lazy and write more such texts even without an order. You should also have smart samples for different occasions. They are asked always and everywhere – especially if you are new in content writing.

As you can see, the work of a freelance writer is a great job with a lot of advantages. Yes, before you start working as a freelance writer, you should understand what you want from this job: a temporary part-time job or a full-fledged career? Try it, learn, and you’ll get a great result!

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