Divorcing Nicely: 5 Tips for an Amicable Divorce

Around 39% of marriages end in divorce. If you want to get divorced, but you don’t want to have a messy divorce, there are things you can do to ease the process.

Not everyone gets divorced because they hate each other. Many people find they have grown apart and don’t want to live in an unhappy marriage. Continue reading this article to learn how to have an amicable divorce.

Don’t Point Fingers

Playing the blame game is the fastest way to a messy divorce. Instead of saying why or who was at fault for the divorce, just say that you’re ready to separate. There’s no reason to list all the ugly things that did or did not happen during your marriage.

Determine the End Goal

Keeping the end goal in mind will keep you both on track. Painting a picture of how things will be once the divorce is over and making it seem appealing will help everyone get through the difficult days.

Negotiate for the Good of Both Parties

If one party is trying to stick it to the other, there is no way to make it an amicable divorce process. Many men feel like mothers are trying to milk them for every penny they are worth. This is where child support lawyers for fathers come in.

On the other hand, women often think men are trying to bow out of their responsibilities.

Unless both parties are trying to be fair and do good for each other, things won’t go well.

Put Children First

Kids often suffer throughout their parent’s divorce. Never bring kids into negotiations and make them feel like they have to choose between one parent or the other.

Remember you are going to be co-parents and that you will have to continue to see each other. Making sure your kids are comfortable with the arrangement as much as possible is the best way to help them move forward.

Talk with your kids about how things are going to be after the divorce. Always assure them that you’re going to be there for them and that both of you love them.

Consider Mediation

If you can’t talk through everything on your own, you might want to consider mediation. A mediator will help you talk through issues and try to keep things out of court.

You’ll usually be able to avoid court and unnecessary fees when you come to the table ready to make a deal with a mediator. If you aren’t sure how to do things on your own, both of you may still bring your respective lawyers with you.

Wrapping Up an Amicable Divorce

Now you know how to have an amicable divorce. Being able to have an amicable separation will make your life easier and if any kids are involved, it will make things easier on them as well.

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