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There are some things that you cannot stop, even if the world is going through one of the worst pandemics that the current generation has ever seen. While most public gathering and activities are on hold, with most people working from home, maintaining the social distancing protocols, and home quarantining, people are doing the best they can considering the circumstances. However, weddings are usually large events, full of fun and celebration, where people are talking about and professing their love for each other.

Getting a marriage license

Registering for a marriage certificate is one of the most significant tasks that someone getting married should complete. The couple moving forward as husband and wife will require it for a lot of their paperwork.

The process of applying for a marriage certificate has not changed much with people still applying and going through the process either the online platform or the office. They have to submit a bunch of documents to prove that they are getting married, their identification, their addresses, along with the signatures of two witnesses.

Some of the requirements of a marriage certificate

The marriage certificate comes in handy when applying for a name change or other such documents. It is needed even when making changes to Government documents to prove that the individuals are married.

The certificate makes it easier when dealing with hotels, restaurants, visa and passport applications when travelling since it assists in making the process that much easier.

Applying to move to a different country by itself is difficult, but if a spouse is already working there, it is a lot easier to prove that an individual is getting married, and use that to fast track the process.

Changes taking place with weddings because of the Coronavirus

A recent report mentioned that wedding parties could get smaller since the trend of smaller parties seems to be catching on because of the Coronavirus. It is beneficial, not only from a financial point of view but also reduces the coordination, the ceremony in general, and multiple other smaller aspects. Many countries around the world have already begun implementing restrictions on the number of people gathering for weddings.

With the wedding celebration largely revolving around social contact, when it comes to hugging, handshaking, dancing, eating and so on, it seems like there are going to be some massive changes, reducing this significantly. The changes seem like they will be implemented for the greater good, especially since people are being forced to stay away from each other, from the fear of catching the virus and not being sure of who could be carrying it.

A lot of the measures taken to keep people safe this year will likely exist in the following years as well, thereby changing the way that most weddings will be celebrated as compared to the way they were in the past.

Do I need a Birth Certificate to Apply for Passport ? – Find out in Quick User Guide

Are you planning to complete your higher education at London University? Or do you want to establish your new startup in California? Well, the thoughts are amazing. Countries like the United States, Europe, Germany, and more are in the bucket list of many of us for different purposes. We all dreamt of visiting these countries once in a lifetime. So, where we start? The simple answer is by applying for a Passport. I have seen many people asking that do I need a Birth Certificate to apply for passport?

Or I lost my passport how can I get a new birth certificate?

No, the Birth certificate is a mandatory document when applying for a passport. We will also answer what to do if you have lost your birth document and how to get a new birth certificate easily. So, continue reading this post to get a complete understanding.

Does birth certificate have any role in the passport application?

Birth Certificate gives you permanent recognition in this world. It discloses about your parent, time of birth, birthplace, and more. The certificate is a prominent piece of information so that none of your human rights are violated. If we talk about Birth document importance when applying for a passport, it doesn’t hold any.

Earlier in the 90s century Passport officer used to ask for Birth Certificates from those who are applying to go out from one country to another. Later this practice has been stopped. Now, one can easily apply for a passport without any birth document. Now, let’s consider a scenario when some lost a birth certificate or it gets destroyed due to any activity.

How can I get a New Birth certificate after my original copy is lost?

This is one of the most searched queries on the internet. Birth certificate paper is an official proof of your existence that lets you enjoy rights given by the constitution. But, sometimes due to carelessness or other activities, we lose this important information.

Now, the big question is how I can get a new birth certificate in a couple of days. It is pretty much simple. First, you need to file an FIR about the loss of birth certificate. Then, take that copy to the Municipal office to get a new copy of the Birth certificate.

The procedure to get a new birth document copy usually takes 15-30 takes. If one has applied online, the user needs to check the status in some days. For offline users, they need to visit the Municipal Office to get the information. The complete process is transparent and doesn’t cost you any charges.

In the end, we like to say that there are some documents that every person must carry for survival. A birth certificate is a vital piece of information that details your existence in the world. It not only helps an individual to get enrolled and use many rights but also helps the government to maintain a permanent record of your existence.

Certification of Death

A death certificate is a legal document that is issued by the government to the nearest relatives of the deceased.

This document is mandatory and states the:

● Date of death
● Time
● Most importantly, cause of death, which otherwise is not to be disclosed

Anyone can apply for a death certificate in India. It is a primary document that serves the following purposes:

1) Settlement of inheritance of property
2) Important for the family members to avail the benefits of insurance
3) Processing of any other legal claims

Certain questions that can arise while applying for a death certificate are mentioned below:


While the customary and religious rituals are performed in the family of the deceased, the death in the house needs to be reported within 21 days of its occurrence. According to the Registration of Births and Deaths act, 1969, it is mandatory to get a death certificate issued. The guidelines of the RBD state that the head of the family should report the death; however, in ordinary circumstances, any member of the family can report the death. The oldest male in the family or any relative can also report the death. If the death has happened in a hospital, the medical in-charge or the chief medical officer needs to report the same. The RBD act has also put an onus on health attendants or the owner of a place set apart the disposal of the dead body for reporting the death. Additionally, in medical cases, the medical practitioner who had last attended the deceased needs to provide a certificate for the cause of death.


Some of all of the following documents might be needed to be submitted at the registrar’s office along with the filled application form, with the signatures of the applicant on it.

a) Age proof – birth certificate of the deceased
b) Affidavit mentioning the date and time of death
c) A copy of ration card
d) Address proof (rental agreement or lease agreement, electricity bill)

The registrar should enter the name of the deceased in the death records without any fee or reward; this is stated under the rules of the RBD act.

Also, the person approaching the registrar for acquiring the certificate may have to furnish the documents that specify his/her relationship with the deceased.

Mortality statistics form a crucial part of the vital and relevant data of a country. The number of deaths happening every year is information that is useful for the government to recognize the causes of deaths and to formulate national and state healthcare policies by referring to these figures.

Medical Certification of Cause of Death (MCCD) in India is laid out under the Government Medical Certification Scheme. This scheme incorporates the training of medical practitioners. The MCCD is the most frequently issued certificate and is of immense legal and medical importance. Hence, it should be filled out correctly.

To avoid any inconvenience and complications, make sure you follow this information while applying for a death certificate.

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