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If we talk about MMA and Boxing as sports, boxing is known more as the “sport” between the two. Boxing has been sanctioned and celebrated for decades while mixed martial arts is relatively new.  Yes, MMA has made leaps and bounds in the 25 plus years it is has been in existence, but still, too many it is often times too violent and or difficult to understand.

Throughout its history, boxing has been a very lucrative sport.  MMA is catching up in terms of fighter pay but will it ever lure the moguls that boxing attracts?

Despite recent comparisons between the two, both in my humble opinion are “sports” but at the very same time, they are both very, very different. The two compliment each other very well.

Boxing has always been an intense and fun workout. Improving my fitness in that regard means, I am better equipped for Taekwondo sparring. The spiritual development.

A boxer is said to be the most violent sportsman. He or she needs to follow the rules and regulations of the game to fulfill the win. On the other side, the martial arts are said to be the practical game. It does not include any restrictions.

To be competitive at the top of the MMA game, boxing has to come into play at some point in your training.  And when you train, you need to do it right, and you need the right equipment to get the job done.

After giving this some careful thought, I figured (rather than targeting ELITE Athletes) Elite Sports must be interested in making the average, everyday punter like me FEEL like an Elite athlete by providing them with quality gear at an affordable price.

I purchased a pair of Gloves Adult Standard Boxing Gloves in Neo Yellow and Black from Elite Sports. I really appreciated the extra wrist protection they offer. The wrist wrap section was wider (or longer) than I’m used to but felt so much more supportive. My hands stayed in place nicely.

You too can be entered to win a pair.

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