Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for MMA Fighters

Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil for MMA Fighters

MMA has always been the sport most people considered to be the pinnacle of human expertise. Mixed Martial Arts combines a myriad of fighting styles, subjecting fighters to some of the most challenging and difficult physical experiences that exist in modern sport.

Thanks to its incredibly diverse list of people within the organization and its fighters’ sheer tenacity, it makes sense how groundbreaking the MMA league can be. A considerable number of changes that occur in most US sports originated from MMA.

One of the most recent sporting changes that have taken the sporting world by storm is the acceptance of CBD oil in the MMA.

Here is everything you need to know about the MMA and CBD oil, and why it has become so popular.

What Is CBD Oil and Why Do MMA Fighters Want to Use It?

The idea of using cannabinoids within any sporting organization likely seems strange, especially to those used to most US sporting rules. After all, sports players should remain totally unaffected by substances of any kind, right?

However, CBD oil has a considerable number of beneficial uses that can improve not only MMA fighters’ lives, but also their performance.

By far, one of the very most common reasons that people take cannabinoids like CBD oil is to treat inflammation, especially as a result of an injury or stable condition. Thanks to studies, such as this significant study by Nagarketti et al., we now know that CBD can not only soothe the pain of inflammatory conditions, but actually suppress the inflammatory response itself.

For regular people, this can be helpful for dealing with strained muscles or minor injuries, but for people like MMA fighters, it can be a huge help. Being an MMA fighter means suffering a litany of small injuries, contusions, and blows to the head, all of which take time to heal.

While you are healing, it is very difficult to continue to fight other fighters, meaning that either your performance suffers, or you have to sit out fights entirely.

Since MMA is incredibly competitive, it only makes sense that MMA fighters are interested in using CBD oil to speed up the healing process. By vaping or taking CBD capsules, MMA fighters can make getting back into the ring a much more enjoyable and pain-free experience.

But what about the rules surrounding CBD oil? Does the MMA actually allow its fighters to use these products?

What Are the Rules Surrounding CBD Oil in the MMA?

Sporting organizations are usually pretty picky when it comes to substances of any kind, especially when they come from cannabis. However, while most sporting associations like the NFL have completely banned CBD products, the MMA league embraces them.

It didn’t always used to be this way, though.

During a post-match interview with the press, Nate Diaz was discussing his performance in his fight with Conor McGregor. During the live interview, he was seen openly vaping, and, on being asked what he was vaping, he was upfront about it being CBD oil.

This was considered big news at the time, but it instigated sweeping changes in the MMA regulations. While it was supposedly not allowed, the organizers behind the MMA rules came out in support of Diaz.

After the interview, the MMA changed the rules to allow for CBD use in their fighters, meaning that they can use as much CBD as they want to treat their conditions.

So, the next time you see your favorite MMA fighter use CBD to help encourage healing after a fight, don’t be so surprised – it’s actually entirely within the rules.

Final Thoughts:  Everything You Need to Know About CBD Oil in the MMA

MMA fighters being able to access CBD oil is only a good thing for the players, but it is also an excellent thing for the sport’s future. The MMA once again shows itself to be the leading figure in the sporting world when it comes to permitting new and interesting substances, as well as trusting the science.

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