Great Real Estate Strategies to Help You Move Your Home Fast

Great Real Estate Strategies to Help You Move Your Home Fast

Around 32 million Americans move homes each year to start a new life.

A study found moving is one of the most stressful life events, but it doesn’t have to be. From improving curb appeal to staging your home, there are 10 ways to streamline the process, so it’s quick and hassle-free.

Not sure how? Here are real estate strategies every homeowner should know.

1. Find a Great Real Estate Agent

One of the top real estate tips is finding a real estate agent that will not only sell your house quickly but will support you along the way.

Real estate agents have the expertise and network to attract potential buyers which is impossible to do alone. They also know how to leverage your property’s best features to secure a great deal.

2. Boost Curb Appeal

99% of real estate agents suggest sellers should improve their curb appeal before listing their home for sale.
Curb appeal means how attractive your home looks from outside, it includes all the external factors that shape a buyer’s first impression. You can boost curb appeal by decluttering your lawn, re-painting your front door, power-washing your path, and installing exterior lighting.

3. Be Realistic About Pricing the House

Another crucial piece of home selling advice is being mindful of current market trends in your area.

Your real estate agent will have a comparative market analysis so you know how much to price your home so it sells fast. For instance, if the market is dropping then you’ll need to lower your price more than everyone else so you stand out.

4. Fix Any Minor Repairs

When selling your home, it’s important to keep a note of everything that needs repairing so you stay on track. A general rule is if it shows your property in a poor light, fix it.

Leaky faucets, peeling wallpaper and cracked tiles raise a red flag so take care of these before any viewings. If you have a large to-do list, decide which date you will have the first open house, and work backward so you can organize tasks.

5. Stage Your Home to Sell

Before splurging on new curtains, remember the point of home staging is so buyers can visualize their lives in your property.

To do this, de-clutter surfaces and create ample room in the closets and cupboards so it’s minimal. Each room must be sparkling clean and have a defined purpose so they don’t overwhelm buyers.

You should also stage your backyard too. Clean your patio, add tables, chairs, and even install a hammock so buyers can imagine spending weekends there.

6. Upload Great Listing Photos

51% of buyers find their homes online which means uploading an alluring description and listing photo is crucial.
Listing photos attract people to your first open house. Hire a professional photographer for the best results and make sure every lamp is on, all the curtains are open, and your floor is spotless.

Only post photos of the most attractive rooms and well-written descriptions of the other ones. Note that the more floor you show in the photo, the larger the room appears so remove any rugs before taking the photo.

7. Get “Open House” Ready

To get you closer to sealing the deal, your home must be pristine. Wipe down cabinets, light fixtures, and drawers. Clean air vents, remove any marks on the wall and give your appliances a once-over.

You should add small details like fresh towels in the bathroom and flowers on the dining room table. Consider re-painting dated walls and install new hardware or faucets if necessary.

Pack away all your belongings so your home is clutter-free and pristine. You should also open all the curtains and flick on the lights so your home looks as cheerful as possible. The better the open house, the quicker you’ll arrive at a deal and move out.

8. Consider Selling Your Home to a Cash Buyer

If you can’t wait for that, consider all-cash offers on your house. It’s unlikely you’ll receive the desired price but it will let you skip the long home sale process and squeeze it into a tighter deadline.

9. Create a Virtual Walk-through

Listings with a virtual home tour get 87% more views.

A reputable real estate agent knows how to get the most out of your property’s online listing. Video walk-thoughts are a terrific way to show buyers around your home in a timely fashion especially those overseas.

You can also add descriptive captions to highlight the most important features. This will also cut down property showings for those who aren’t interested therefore saving you time.

10. Pack Smart

You’ve signed the dotted line and handed over the keys. Congrats!

To make the move easier, chuck out as much non-essential stuff as possible so you carry less.

From your Alpha Male Plus to family photos, make a list of crucial items to bring with you and number each box so you know where everything is on the other side.

Those Are Our Favorite Real Estate Strategies

Before committing to our list of real estate strategies, hire a real estate agent first. They have the crucial expertise to give you a market analysis, find creative ways to list your property and flex their connections.

So buyers can visualize themselves at your property, de-clutter your home, remove any personalized items, and paint over any garish walls for a successful house viewing. Good luck!

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