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Health Pros and Cons of Weed (Infographic)

Recreational marijuana use has long been under scrutiny, but now with local, state, and federal movements to lift a ban on “sticky icky,” more and more people to include professional sports athletes are opening up to its benefits. People just aren’t freaked out by weed anymore, despite what your Sunday school teacher may have told you. It’s becoming as familiar as booze and cigarettes, without all of the baggage of being fatal.

Martial artists like Eddie Bravo have been touting the benefits of weed and sport for years, and we’re seeing more of his system creep into MMA as time goes on. Eventually, marijuana will be a common part of many training regimens (if it isn’t already).

Believe it or not, the ability to “get high” is not the only reason that a crackdown on weed was put into effect in the first place.  There are many medical benefits and health pros that can come from marijuana use, thus, which would cause major pharmaceutical companies to take a hit, so to speak.

So far, 33 states have legalized marijuana, though the rules and regulations do vary from state to state. At the moment, almost 70% of Americans are feeling supportive of cannabis legalization.

The folks at put together an incredible infographic that breaks down some of the health pros and cons of weed usage.  Take a look.

Health Pros and Cons of Weed (Infographic)

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