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HF Labs Review 2019: Delta Prime Ingredients, Side Effects, Where to Buy & More

What is Delta Prime?
HexoFire Labs describes their product Delta Prime as “the next innovator in men’s health.” Their highly anticipated flagship product has received a lot of attention ever since their initial launch. Delta Prime can be described as a natural testosterone support product produced with only the highest quality ingredients and over the top quality assurance procedures.

This Canadian company goes out of their way to have the products manufactured in the USA. Not only are the products made in the USA, they are produced in a massive, cutting edge, top of the line manufacturing facility. All product batches are screen for purity and composition before leaving the manufacturing facility to ensure that all Delta Prime customers receive exactly what is promised to them on the label.

In this comprehensive review you’ll learn about Delta Prime ingredients, instructions for taking the product, other reviews of HexoFire Delta Prime, efficacy, side effects, as well as pricing and the official HexoFire Labs website.

HexoFire Labs Ingredients
Delta Prime boasts a straightforward, but powerful stack of ingredients. You won’t find anything crazy in this supplement. Only natural ingredients with plenty of anecdotal evidence backing up their use.

GT-5 Complex
Amount: 800 mg
Use: A propriety blend of ingredients used for thousands of years to balance hormones, increase sexual libido, prevent erectile dysfunction and increase energy levels.

Saw Palmetto
Amount: 50 mg
Use: Found in many products for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. Used across Europe for treating lower urinary tract ailments.

Vitamin D
Amount: 25 mcg
Use: Helps the body absorb calcium and reduce inflammation. Studies show it is related to an elevation in moods – which is important for a successful sex life and exercise routine.

Stinging Nettle
Amount: 30 mg
Use: Frequently used for helping to treat lower urinary tract problems and has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and analgesic properties.

How to Take HF Delta Prime
The makers and marketers of Delta Prime suggest that adult males take 2 capsules every day with food (to minimize any possible gastric disturbance). The supplement can be taken a few hours before, or after taking other supplements.

Delta Prime Testosterone Support Review
Customer testimonials are largely positive for Delta Prime and its companion product Nitric Oxide. Customers love the fact the Delta Prime contains natural substances, and that HexoFire offers a simple subscription plan, so you never need to worry about running out of your supply.

Delta Prime – Does it Work?
The ingredients found in Delta Prime were all chosen based on the fact that there is both anecdotal and scientific evidence available to back up the claims. Customer reports indicate that after taking the product, they have felt more motivation to work out, as well as increased stamina and enthusiasm in the bedroom.

Delta Prime Side Effects
As we’ve noted multiple times already, the product contains natural substances – nothing crazy, illegal or banned. With that being said, even natural products could interact with a person’s specific body chemistry. Any time you are planning on taking a new supplement (whether or not you also take other supplements) it is highly encouraged that you speak with a health care professional beforehand.

How much does HF Delta Prime Cost?
The product is offered at two difference prices – one for one-off purchases and another for subscription purchases. Signing up for the subscription is a much better deal, and the per bottle price is lower than a one-off sale, and HexoFire Labs is currently offering new customers an amazing discount on their first bottle.

Where is Delta Prime for Sale?
Don’t bother stopping by your local GNC or supplement store to pick up a bottle of Delta Prime. HexoFire Labs can only be purchased online through their official HexoFire Labs website or Amazon storefront.

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