Honor Fighting Championship 4 - Reaching The Summit

Honor Fighting Championship 4 – Reaching The Summit – LIVE STREAM

Honor Fighting Championship is the fastest growing MMA promotion in America and on April 28th they are “Reaching The Summit” with their BIGGEST event yet, Honor Fighting Championship 4! Not only will you see the world class MMA action you’ve come to know and love but HFC will also feature LIVE BANDS, LIVE PRO WRESTLING and MIDGET WRESTLING as they are hold their first dual branded event with their sister company, Ohio Championship Wrestling.

Josh Rohler vs. John de Jesus 145 lbs
Eddy Faison vs. Kaleb Raymond 315 lbs
Branko Busick vs. Marquis Allen 265 lbs
Carlos Yanez vs. Tobiaus Taylor 145 lbs
Justin Patton vs. Justin Meese 135 lbs
Alec Price vs. Dontrel Person 155 lbs
William Calhoun vs. Justin Messer 170 lbs
Terry Demore vs. Josh Faison 170 lbs
Tyrann Reid vs. Michael Webb II 185 lbs
Brae Meenter vs. C. Mckenzie 185 lbs
Robert Johnston vs. Corey Briggs 205 lbs
Matthew Rhodes vs. Garret Davidson 125 lbs
Josh Hoschar vs. William Ruby 265 lbs


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