How Can CBD Benefit MMA Fighters & Athletes?

When people talk about Nate Diaz in MMA circles, they usually remember him as the fighter who ended Conor McGregor’s phenomenal winning streak. However, he is also associated with CBD after openly vaping the cannabinoid during a post-fight press conference.

His actions generated a lot of criticism at the time. Indeed, many people who saw him use the vape device believed he was consuming MMJ. These days, you will find a lot of answers when you search for the best CBD products on the market. However, back then, CBD wasn’t tolerated in sport. It is only relatively recently that WADA removed it from its list of banned substances.

Diaz took a huge risk because he could have received a fine and a suspension at the time. Today, however, a growing number of MMA fighters have followed Diaz’s lead and are openly using the cannabinoid.

Why Are So Many MMA Fighters Now Using CBD?

Although there are over 110 identified cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, CBD and THC are the two best known. Well, over 95% of everything written about cannabis’ compounds relates to these two cannabinoids. While THC provides an intoxicating high, CBD does not. As a result, people can use it and retain control of their senses.

Proponents of CBD oil in MMA say it can help with issues such as anxiety, pain, inflammation, sleep, and much more. As one might imagine, any product capable of the above is ideal for those who engage in combat sports. MMA and CBD oil have quickly become linked, and Nate Diaz is only one of the dozens of Octagon warriors who use it.

As fans of MMA know, it is one of the toughest and most grueling sports on the plant. Every fighter, at some time or another, experiences problems such as head trauma, concussions, heavily damaged ligaments, and inflammation.

As it happens, a significant number of issues occur during training, which itself is exceptionally demanding. Those who watched McGregor’s Notorious documentary will remember how he trained with a severe injury. As mentally tough as these men and women are, there comes a time where the body says ‘no mas.’ This is potentially where MMA and CBD oil become a winning combination.

What Does the Research Say?

At present, CBD is legal in most American states and numerous countries around the world. However, in America, it isn’t federally legal. As a consequence, research into the cannabinoid was limited until fairly recently. Today, there are thousands of studies into CBD either completed or ongoing.

Regarding CBD oil and MMA, the cannabinoid’s apparent anti-inflammatory effects are incredibly relevant. Whenever we exercise, our muscle tissue suffers from microscopic tears. The body triggers inflammatory responses, which is why you feel sore after exercising. Inflammation is a positive thing in the short-term as it helps bring blood to the affected area.

However, the process often lasts too long and slows down recovery. Many athletes use performance-enhancing drugs to speed up recovery time, thus enabling them to train more frequently.

CBD potentially helps reduce inflammation. A study published in the Pain journal in December 2017 examined the effects of cannabidiol in male rats with osteoarthritis. Researchers gave the rats a daily dose of CBD for two weeks. Ultimately, the researchers found that CBD helped prevent the development of joint pain and nerve damage. Therefore, CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects could help reduce the length of time it takes to recover after exercise.

Another study, published in Neurologia in June 2014, found that CBD was potentially a useful antispasmodic. This means it reduces hyperactivity in muscle fibers that usually result in muscle twitches after exercising.

Is There Anything Else?

Another major issue faced by fighters is severe pain. Once again, however, CBD oil could work to help MMA combatants. It is all too easy for fighters to develop a reliance on painkillers. Over 100 people die in the United States every day due to an opioid overdose. These drugs are incredibly addictive and come with a laundry list of side effects.

There is evidence that CBD could act as an analgesic. It seems to activate specific receptors in the brain, including the opioid receptors, that help dull the pain signal before it gets to the brain. As you may know, one of the major facets of inflammation is pain. When you reduce pain at the site of the injury, you can reduce the amount of pain signals sent to the brain.

CBD is relatively safe according to agencies such as the World Health Organization (WHO). This means that MMA athletes could benefit from possible painkilling properties without worrying about the addiction cycle.

It is clear that the link between MMA and CBD oil is growing. If you are interested in learning more about the cannabinoid and its possible uses, check out WayofLeaf. It is one of the best sources of marijuana and hemp information on the Internet.

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