How CBD Products Can Help Athletes

How CBD Products Can Help Athletes

Athletes experience so much pain and sustain a huge number of injuries due to the amount of strain and impact on their bodies. They are always looking for different solutions to help relieve the pain and help recovery. They also have to be very aware of which substances are banned in their sport as well as the dangers of addiction and over-dependence.

There are many options for athletes such as prescription medicines, physiotherapy, and other physical recovery practices like yoga and ice baths. In recent years, since the widespread legalization of marijuana, more and more athletes have been turning to CBD products to help in their performance and recovery. Many studies have found CBD to offer the same positive effects on athletes as prescription medicines and other treatments but without any of the drawbacks.

In this article, we will explain how CBD products can help athletes.

Help with weight management

Another good aspect of CBD is that it can also help you manage your weight.

Humans have two types of fat cells: brown and white. White fat is our “bad” fat that leads to excess fat storage and weight gain. But you can actually change how your fat cells work by turning this white fat into brown fat. Research suggests that the higher your quantities of brown fat, the lower your BMI is likely to be.

CBD increases the browning of adipose tissue, per the findings of a preliminary study. As a result, several studies have been conducted, indicating that CBD and weight management are correlated, you can see the review at

Increased Recovery Time

Exercise puts an enormous amount of stress on the body to strengthen it. Working out results in tiny muscle tears which when they repair themselves make the muscle bigger. If you overexert yourself, however, then the damage can be more significant that is optimal and this can take a long time to heal leaving you physically and mentally fatigued. This excessive damage is called oxidative damage, and studies have shown that CBD has a great effect on repairing oxidative damage. This enables athletes to recover faster which means that they can train harder. This additional training will lead to increased results in an athlete’s performance.

Reduced Pain

For athletes, the most commonly experienced pain is inflammatory pain, which results from muscle strain during training or competition or as a symptom of a bigger injury. Most people would use steroidal medicines as these have excellent anti-inflammatory properties, but athletes cannot use most steroidal medicines because they are deemed to be performance-enhancing drugs and are banned substances. Thence, many athletes are looking for other alternatives. The founders of Charlotte’s Web – the Stanley Brothers, understand this need, and this is where the CBD vape pen comes in. Research examining CBD as a solution for inflammatory pain has found that it is very effective on animals. As athletes start to test CBD’s benefits, this is proving to be one area where CBD is having a major impact on an athlete’s recovery and performance.

Improved Mood and Mental State

An athlete’s mental state and the mood is vital in ensuring a good performance. Whether an athlete is affected by excessive pre-competition nerves or by deeper underlying stress, depression, or anxiety, their performance can be significantly hampered. Studies of the effects of CBD on people suffering from depression and anxiety have shown that it can have a positive effect. Using CBD products before training and competitions could help athletes to relax and would promote a positive mindset which would help them to perform to their absolute best.

There is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the various effects of CBD products but they have already been shown to provide a range of benefits for athletes. CBD can facilitate a speedy recovery, reduces pain and inflammation, and promotes a happy mood and mental state. As athletes look for new ways to help improve their performance, CBD is proving to be a game-changer.

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