How to Beat an Unhealthy HGH Addiction

How to Beat an Unhealthy HGH Addiction

HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. It is a naturally produced hormone made in the pituitary gland and helps in regulating growth in children. It regulates the body’s fluid production, bone and muscle growth, sugar and fat levels, and metabolism. HGH is also produced synthetically and is used by some people in hopes of maintaining their youth. It is mixed with anabolic steroids to increase muscle growth, and many athletes have been caught abusing it to increase their stamina.


Use of HGH is not only addictive, it also has many negative side effects. The first step for an addict is to realize that these side effects exist, understand them and try to beat them. With a better understanding of the downsides of HGH use, an addict may stop using when they finally realize how badly this substance is affecting their life.

Some people mistakenly believe that HGH can stop or even reverse the aging process. As people grow older and their natural levels of HGH drop, they may take artificial doses in an attempt to stay young. However, this practice is not FDA approved or backed by scientific studies. Taking HGH may result in hormonal imbalances and a cascade of negative side effects. Educating people about these consequences is essential to stopping HGH addiction.


Trying to immediately give up HGH may not be effective. The best way is to take it slowly and lower your dose over time. This will make it easy for your body and mind to cope with the falling levels of HGH. This strategy also lowers the chance of a relapse occurring.

Slowly weaning yourself off a drug is in fact recommended for most recreational drug addictions. It is important to recognize that HGH is no different.


The most important step in beating an addiction, no matter which substance, is seeking both professional and personal help. Talk to your friends and family and tell them how you feel and work towards rebuilding relationships after addiction. Sharing your feelings can help you realize that you are not alone.

Contact a professional rehabilitation consultant to help you with the process. Such a consultant will be able to look at your case and suggest a personalized plan to recovery. These professionals can be found at drug rehab centers. Joining a certified rehab center can be great for a recovering addict as they can relate to the stories of other drug addicts just like them. Activities like group sessions help facilitate the recovery process.


HGH is naturally found in the body and is an important component of our hormonal balance. Without it, we would never grow from children to adults. However, artificial use of HGH is dangerous, addictive, and harmful to the body. In the worst case scenarios, its use can even lead to brain damage. If you or a loved one is addicted to HGH, don’t hesitate to seek out help at a professional rehab facility.

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