How to get MMA betting Bonuses

How to get MMA betting Bonuses

Mixed Martial Arts is finally getting the recognition it deserves in mainstream America. Fans have the UFC to thank, at least in the last ten years. With UFC events improving each year, more people have become MMA fans.

If you love betting, MMA should be among your favorite sports to bet on. Seriously—you’ve probably seen how things work out. The most hyped fighters win most of the time. At times, players like Amanda Nunes come out of the shadows and overpower fan favorites like Cyborg.

Of course, winning and losing are both part of the sports betting business. But you can minimize your losses by always finding great MMA betting bonuses. Here’s how to find them.

Join Multiple MMA Betting Sites

A few years ago, finding a good betting site was a struggle. Things have since changed and you could find up to 10 bookmakers willing to accept you irrespective of your country of origin. For online bookmakers, an email address and phone number are required for your verification.

The best bookmakers give you a free bet for simply creating an account with them. If you join 5 sites, that’s five free bets to wager on all your favorite UFC matches. If you join 15, you may even have more free bets than you can handle.

While joining many bookie sites helps you get more MMA free bets, it doesn’t always result in great bonuses. Most betting platforms don’t give you bonuses that lead to automatic wins. You may get a free bet but it comes with so many rules that you lose more than you gain from it.

A good MMA free bet shouldn’t have any rules. But since most of them come with rules, find a few sites with great free bets that don’t have many rules. You will get a bonus bet on your first, second and third deposit. You’ll get more bonuses for loyalty and increase your profits in the process.

Follow MMA News and Review Websites

MMA news websites occasionally publish content related to UFC betting. Some sites are wholly dedicated to MMA betting and promote bonuses all the time. Most of these sites don’t have bonuses every day, so you may want to follow their content occasionally.

Some MMA review websites like find bonuses from the newest casino sites. New casino platforms offer the best bonuses, often with little to no betting rules. As a punter, however, find bonuses from both new and established platforms.

Not every MMA news website report about betting offers. You have to invest your time to find great sites that also promote betting offers. Websites dedicated to betting related content are more likely to promote MMA bonuses. Subscribe to more of them.

Follow Bookmakers on Social Media

Almost every company these days has a Facebook and twitter account. These accounts are used to promote the gambling sites’ games and offers. If the websites are not talking about why you should play on their platforms, they will be promoting any free bets they have.

Sometimes social media fans are given special bets that not given to any other kind of players. If you are a fan of several bookmakers on twitter, you could get a free bet every weekend. As a rule, don’t jump at every chance for a bonus. Read through the rules of the bet.

Besides bookmakers, Facebook is full of groups dedicated to betting. Most of them are dedicated to sports betting as a whole but they also promote many MMA related bets. Joining several of these groups exposes you to betting bonuses as soon as they appear.

Signup to Bookmakers’ Subscription Letters

In addition to social media platforms, bookmakers promote their services on email. If you are subscribed to the newsletters, you receive betting offers as soon as they are rolled out. Most bookmakers announce about offers on email before posting on social media.

Unlike Facebook and twitter also, you can easily sort your emails. If you don’t like some of the generic emails sent to you, add them to your promotional mail lists. That way, you only receive important emails in your inbox.

The best way to manage betting promotions is to have a dedicated email address for all of them. When you open the address, you’ll be assured everything in it is related to betting. You also avoid giving out your professional email address to betting sites.

Check your Bookie Accounts during UFC Events

One of the best times to get MMA bets is during major UFC events. UFC is the biggest MMA promoter in the US. As such, bookies tend to dish out bonuses at high rates during major UFC events. The bets are available to almost everyone who wants to pick them, whether you’ve been betting regularly or not.

If you follow the bookies or social media, you’ll probably learn about the betting offers before UFC matches happen. You’ll probably also learn about betting offers from sports news sites and sports personalities. Most sports journalists also tend to have partnerships with bookmakers and will promote their betting bonuses throughout social media.

Irrespective of where you learn about the promotions, remember to learn about the rules of using them. Bookmakers know punters are most active when there is a major MMA fight. So, they will tend to offer free bets tied with all sorts of rules. Read about each free bet and only accept it if it helps you maximize your profits.

To Conclude

MMA is not the most popular sport on bookmaker sites. Football, soccer, NBA, and baseball have more fans. However, that doesn’t mean MMA isn’t a good site to bet on. Quite the contrary, UFC events offer as many wagering opportunities as any other sport.
The only challenge to MMA events is that there are less promoted on bookie sites. The best way to maximize your profits on them is to take advantage of MMA free bets. You will get them by creating an account on bookie sites, joining multiple sites and being loyal to some of the sites.

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