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How to Get More Involved in the Game

Being a sports fan can mean more than just tuning into games. It can be a lifelong commitment to your favorite team. It can mean buying jersey after jersey, and all kinds of other merchandise. It can mean waking up early to line up for tickets or find the presale code to get better seats first. It can mean getting into heated debates with friends over a pint. All of this stems from the love of the game.

However, if this sounds like you and you’re looking for even more ways to get involved with your favorite sports or players, there are still more ways you can express your love for the game.

Sports statistics

Pouring over sports statistics is a great way to get a deeper understanding of the science behind the game and see how each player makes a specific impact. If you’re a complete beginner and don’t know where to start, there are a number of sports blogs that can help you understand, because there is a learning curve. Sports statistics and analytics can help you fall more in love with your favorite sport since it offers an advanced look on how players perform per game, per season and over their careers, why matches ended up the way they did, and even how teams can be better.


Are you truly involved with your sport and think you know everything there is to know? Consider trying sports betting to make the game more exciting. To someone who isn’t up to speed on their sports knowledge, betting on games and player performance can seem like luck, but really, it’s based mostly on information. Try out a website like Unibet or join a fantasy league. If you’re new to betting, it’s better to start with small bets at first and work your way up once you’ve gotten the hang of it.

Social media

The rise in popularity of social media is a game changer for sports and how people consume information about them. While there is both good and bad aspects to social media and sport, the impact it has is undoubted. With more than half of millennials turning to social media during and after games to share opinions, statistics, and excitement, it’s no wonder more, and more teams are paying attention and using social media as a platform to connect with fans.

A lot of teams offer ways to enhance the fan experience, whether it’s through contests hosted on social media that include free merchandise and tickets, meet and greets, and even trips to see away games, or live interviews and Q&A sessions, there is a lot to tune into. Facebook has even launched its own feature that shows live sports scores and statistics, as well as expert opinions, so you can watch it as a second screen during a game or catch up if you can’t watch the game live.

You could also use social media to share your own opinions and takes on the game and players. If you think you have a good understanding and have a hot take, consider starting a Twitter or Facebook account dedicated to your musings. You can also share expert opinions and add your own insights, joining the larger conversation around the game, trades, and players.

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