Boxer, Israel Vázquez, to lose right eye after surgery in coming months

Boxer, Israel Vázquez, to lose right eye after surgery in coming months

Israel Vázquez boxed professionally from 1995 to 2010 and was a three-time super bantamweight world champion, having held the IBF title from 2004 to 2005; and the WBC, Ring magazine and lineal titles twice from 2005 to 2008.

The retired 39-year old Mexican fighter who amassed a 44-5 professional boxing record will lose his right eye in the coming months and will receive a prosthesis.

“The problem obviously arose after the last fight (with Rafael Márquez), but I do not want to demonize the sport or the fight, because this was a medical neglect and mine, when the surgery began, I did not take good care of them, they told me that I was going Well and tried to accelerate the recovery, but the retina came off, there were many surgeries, tried many methods and one of them was to put silicone in my eye, the doctors were supposed to know what they were doing, and at that moment I did not recover the One hundred percent view but I could make my life, “recalled Vázquez in a talk with ESPN.

“In 2011 I went to Mexico and in a well-known clinic, Count of Valenciana, they tell me that it was practically a miracle that I would not have lost my eye because the eye does not hold so many surgeries and I already had six. I was told then that I needed a corneal transplant but I left it, the eye was making me a little smaller but I thought that with glasses nobody would notice, but then I changed the color of the cornea as in 2013 and I thought, it is necessary.”

According to the ESPN report, “With the help of the World Boxing Council, Israel was treated in Mexico City by specialists and revealed that the silicone that had been used had already hardened. And they gave him two options. The first was waiting for the eye to dry in one or five or 10 years, or the other was to remove the eye and put a prosthesis.”

Vázquez chose to have the eye removed and will undergo surgery in the coming months.

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