It’s Not Working Anymore: When to Call It Quits In a Marriage

Marriage is forever. This is a reality that only rings true for almost half of Americans.

People have many reasons for shortening ‘forever’ to decades or less. Are you unsure about whether it’s worth sticking around for the long haul in your marriage?

Here are a few ways to know when to call it quits in a marriage.

Differences in Morality

When you’re in love, it’s easy to overlook flaws in another person. Small annoyances like leaving socks all over the house are cute challenges you’re willing to take on.

But when your marriage starts require you to accommodate bigger moral compromises like how to handle debt, religion, or caring for aging parents, it’s time to rethink your situation.

You don’t want to make decisions that cause you to lose your fundamental values just to save your relationship. A healthy partnership is about acceptance which means your partner must accept your moral limits when it comes to how to important life choices.


There are some hurdles couples counseling just can’t solve. You can make a list of a hundred things you love about your partner, but if he or she is struggling with addiction none of it will ever come close to making up for the dangers that lie ahead.

Addiction always comes first for the addict. They’re either managing the addiction full time or falling victim to its temptations.

No matter how in love you are, you’ll need to reconsider staying married to someone struggling with addiction. Contact a divorce lawyer to learn the simplest ways to get the divorce process started while things are still safe.

If you wait until you’re in crisis, it might be difficult to get the other partner to cooperate.


Knowing when to call it quits in a marriage can sometimes save your life. One of the side effects of addiction is abuse, but not always.

A person can simply have anger management problems or childhood experiences with raging parents that cause them to abuse others. There is never an excuse for physical abuse.

Leave immediately after the first incident to protect yourself from future confrontations.

The Kids Are Suffering

Even small arguments can create a toxic living situation for children if they’re constant. Couples who have given up on their ability to communicate lovingly can take a small argument and turn it into a blow out that terrifies their children.

It’s difficult for children to feel emotionally safe in an environment where parents are constantly at each other’s throats. Talk with a couple’s therapist for communication strategies to see where you can both improve.

If you don’t notice any changes within a year, it may be signs that you’re far too incompatible to provide a healthy environment for yourselves or your children.

Do I Know When to Call it Quits in a Marriage?

When things are bad in a marriage, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by emotion and question your own judgment. Talk to a trusted friend or family member if you’re questioning when to call it quits in a marriage.

A fresh, objective perspective can help you take the necessary steps to find the happiness you deserve. For more information and lifestyle tips, check our blog for updates.

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