Kabaddi or MMA: What is More Dangerous for Players?

Kabaddi or MMA: What is More Dangerous for Players?

There is no denying that each sport can be dangerous. We have all heard about serious injuries that footballers, basketballers, and cricketers obtain during the matches. However, there are such kinds of sport that are dangerous by default. Kabaddi and MMA are a good example of sports that can cause even lethal injuries. Find out what is more dangerous for the players: kabaddi or MMA.

To determine, which kind of sport is more high-risky, let’s define them in the first place. Kabaddi is a contact team sport. Each team has seven players, and there are two teams in each game. The main objective of the game is for an offensive player, so-called ‘raider’, to run to the opposite’s team half of the court and then go back without being tackled by the opposite player.

You can learn from kabaddi news even more about this kind of sport. Nevertheless, it is obvious that kabaddi can be very dangerous: being tackled is not a pleasant thing. For this reason, the players have the protecting gear to minimize the risks of serious injuries.

As for the MMA, the abbreviation stands for Mixed Martial Arts. MMA is a full-contact combat sport. It has strict rules, but it allows striking and grappling, both standing and on the ground, using techniques from various combat sports and martial arts. Even from the name of the sport alone, we can establish that it is a dangerous activity. If kabaddi is a contact sport, MMA is a full-contact sport. The objective of the two players on the ring is to win by hurting and neutralizing the opponent. In addition to this, fighters do not usually wear any protecting gear which increases the risks significantly.

To determine which sport is more dangerous, kabaddi or MMA, let’s use these criteria:

1. Injury rate

The injury rate for MMA is the following: it is reported, that for 1,000 players there are usually about 229 injuries. It is almost a 25% rate. Moreover, the injury rate for MMA is much higher compared with other full-combat sports like judo and even boxing. As for the kabaddi injury rate, it is relatively low: 60 incidents per 1,000 athletes. From this perspective, MMA is of higher risk.

2. Types of injuries

As for the types of injuries, they also differ with these two kinds of sports. When it comes to MMA, athletes usually obtain head injuries (from 66.8% to 78.0% of reported injuries). MMA athletes also get arm and wrist injuries often. Kabaddi players, on the other hand, usually obtain shoulder, knee, and ankle injuries. Using this criterion, MMA is more dangerous as head traumas can lead to more serious consequences.

3. Lethality

When it comes to MMA, there have been some lethal incidents during the history of this sport. For example, there were no records of deaths up to 2007. Nevertheless, since 2007 seven deaths were documented. As for the kabaddi, there have never been any lethal incidents. From this perspective, MMA is much more dangerous.

If we were to analyze the data from this comparison, it would become obvious, that mixed martial arts are a higher-risk sport as it has a higher injury rate as well as more dangerous types of traumas, and there have been seven lethal incidents in the history of the sport. However, it does not mean that kabaddi is completely safe. It is a contact sport with a lot of tackling. No doubt that it hurts and can lead to severe bruises and injuries. In this perspective, both sports are of high risk, but MMA is more dangerous.

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