La Jolla Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Signs of Low Testosterone

La Jolla Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Signs of Low Testosterone

The testosterone level in men is crucial for various body functions. It is the male sex hormone and it is produced in the testicles and in the adrenal glands. Testosterone levels can affect a man’s physical appearance and his sexual development. The hormone will stimulate production of sperm including the man’s libido or sex drive. Additionally, It can also assist in the development of bone and muscle mass. In this article, we will talk about the many symptoms that you may feel if you have low testosterone levels. If you are feeling one or more of these symptoms, then feel free to ask for an appointment with your doctor and see if you qualify for a La Jolla Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

It has been observed that normal T level production will slow down as men approach a more advanced age. According to many studies done by multiple institutes, it was concluded that 2 out of 10 men who are at least 60 years old will have lower T levels. This static however will increase a bit from 2 to 3 out of 10 men who are in their early 70s until late 80s.

A host of symptoms can be observed among men who have exhibited lower levels of testosterone when they reach a certain age. The T levels typically should remain at least at 300 nanograms per deciliter throughout his adult life.

Without further ado, here are the symptoms that should raise warning signals regarding your T levels should you begin to notice them.

La Jolla Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Low T Level Symptoms #1 – Low Libido

Libido or sex drive is the instinct of a man to engage in sexual acts. This often diminishes as man ages but it should not be until he reaches a far advanced age. If you are a person below 50 years old and feel like your drive is lower than what it used to be, then you might want to consider having your T levels checked. This drop in sex drive is often drastic as compared to the natural drop that would take a few decades for it to fully manifest.

It might be best to talk to your partner about it as she could provide valuable information regarding the matter. She may be able to present to you exactly when and how the lower sex drive has started.

Oftentimes, this symptom is enough to encourage men to have themselves checked for imbalances in their hormones, especially if he part of a relationship who is trying to conceive. It might be the best idea to catch this symptom as soon as possible as time would not be on your side if this carries on longer.

La Jolla Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Low T Level Symptoms #2 – Erectile Dysfunction

Sex drive triggers a man’s carnal instinct to procreate but physically, he will also require the assistance of sex hormones to ensure that his sex organs work properly. Low T levels can be a detriment to achieving and maintaining erections. It is worth noting that testosterone alone is not the only necessity in this, the brain should work with the circulatory system with a substance called nitric oxide which triggers the erection.

Nitric oxide is the firestarter in achieving an erection. It triggers other hormones until the erection is achieved. Low T levels can mean either having difficulty to achieve erections right before having sex or having erection when you should not be like when you are asleep.

However, it should be reiterated that erectile dysfunction is a complex subject not yet fully understood. While T levels do indeed play a part, it should be only one of the few things that you check if you do experience it. Furthermore, there are a lot of medical conditions that can directly create difficulties in erection. Make sure that you make time to also visit possibilities of having those conditions before or after checking and replenishing your T levels.

La Jolla Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Low T Level Symptoms #3 – Unhealthy Semen

Semen, the male ejaculate that is the male’s main proponent in procreation has its production directly affected by T levels. If your semen volume appears to be too low, you may want to find out if it is attributed to your testosterone.

This symptom is quite visible and men should be able to verify this immediately.

La Jolla Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Low T Level Symptoms #4 – Hair Loss

The most common complaint among men as they approach an advanced age is the thinning of their hair. Hair loss or mail pattern baldness, unluckily, is genetic and would not be completely solved by raising the T levels. It should be noted though that the hormone does indeed trigger the initial growing of hairs when a man reaches puberty.

There is a way to know if your hair loss can be attributed to lower T levels or simply genetics. If your facial, and other body hair is not affected in a similar manner as the hair loss that you are experiencing in your scalp, then you might not be dealing with low T levels.

La Jolla Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Low T Level Symptoms #5 – Stress and Fatigue

Since testosterone gives a needed boost in your physical prowess, it can be seen that when men tire easily, it could be resulting from low T levels. Extreme fatigue, especially for those who do not exert much physical effort could be attributed to low T levels.

It is best to keep a physical lifestyle to ensure that the body is functioning as it is intended. T levels are also directly affected by exercise.

La Jolla Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Low T Level Symptoms #6 – Loss of Muscle Mass

Similar to how hair growth can be directly attributed to decreased T levels, muscle loss may also be attributed to it. Men are normally more muscular than women. This is partly because of higher levels of testosterone that we possess. If for some reason we may not be developing our muscles as we normally do, then it could be a sign of lower T levels.

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