Brock Lesnar., Lesnar versus Jones

Brock Lesnar - Photo by RayTerston (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Talk of a Lesnar versus Jones UFC Super-Fight Heats Up

The UFC has grown immensely in popularity in recent years, thanks to its many high profile athletes and superstars.

Current lightweight title holder and former featherweight world champion Conor McGregor is undoubtedly the leading light in the organization, but there are others who stand in the spotlight, too. Both former heavyweight king Brock Lesnar and light heavyweight champion Jon Jones are two of the biggest names to have entered the Octagon in recent years.

‘Bones’ Jones still holds the admirable record for being the youngest world champion ever in the roster’s history, having become light heavyweight kingpin back when he was only 22 years of age. The now 30-year-old subsequently has become one of the greatest UFC fighters in history throughout his impressive and illustrious career, though he has had to face plenty of low points outside of competing as well.

Meanwhile, Lesnar is still one of the biggest draws in MMA, despite having recently failed a drugs test following his last outing at UFC 200 when he defeated game challenger and experienced veteran Mark Hunt during the historic event. The heavyweight titan is regarded as the biggest name currently in the WWE, too, where he is now residing and performing, but he has hinted at a return to the Octagon in the coming months.

His USADA-sanctioned suspension is stopping him from competing now but that will eventually come to an end, and he has outlined intentions of battling Jones in the Octagon. Such a bout would be an absolute super-fight within the UFC, and one that would cause huge promotional value across the US and beyond. As is the massive popularity of MMA in the current climate, bitcoin sports betting is now available for the top sports, including the UFC. News and betting previews, as well as all of the latest odds on the upcoming fights, can found at the majority of online bookmakers.

Jones, who would likely be the favourite in the clash, was swift to respond to the recent reports at a press conference when questioned over his future fights, stating that he “will deal with Brock Lesnar” when the time comes. If the pair of stars were to collide in the Octagon, it would unquestionably be one of the greatest spectacles the UFC has ever witnessed in its history.

UFC president Dana White would have plenty of interest in promoting such a clash, with Jones seemingly looking to move up to heavyweight after his latest exploits at light heavyweight. But could the youngest ever UFC title holder have a chance of dealing with the size and mammoth stature of WWE superstar Lesnar inside the cage?

Jones would clearly have the edge in natural-born MMA talent and all-round fighting abilities, having become one of the best ever to enter the Octagon. But weight and size would be an advantage for Lesnar, who is a towering figure in both his UFC and WWE outings. ‘The Beast’ is also a decade older than ‘Bones’ Jones at 40, but his sheer size would be a huge plus for him against a much agiler and athletic opponent.

So, as talk of a super-fight between the two men heats up, it seems UFC fans may have another spectacle to look forward to in the not-so-distant future.