McDonald’s celebrates Healthcare Workers and first responders with free “Thank you Meals”

McDonald’s celebrates Healthcare Workers and first responders with free “Thank you Meals”

Due to the dangerous spread of Covid-19, 4besnews reported that while the majority of America remained closed for a lot of time, McDonald’s has remained open with all its franchisees. They kept on fulfilling the requirements and taste of its customers. Fortunately, f9news has told us that McDonald’s got very hardworking employees, who kept on serving the hot meals to all the customers with all quick and affordable options.

McDonald’s celebrates Healthcare Workers and first responders with free “Thank you Meals”

The company always felt grateful for these hardworking workers. It always used to appreciate the ongoing dedication and commitment of these employees. McDonald’s is openly of the view that it is only due to the endless efforts of its staff members that it become possible for the company to stay open and serve the communities in these challenging times.

McDonald’s provide with an offer of Thank You Meal that will surely be available without any charge. It can be possible via drive thru or even carry out at participating in McDonald’s special deals. The Thank You Meal is available during breakfast, lunch or even dinner. It comes with a lot of options and choices like sandwiches with a variety of drinks.

It also includes a side consisting of small World Famous Fries or a Hash Brown with a note of appreciation with imposes a good impact on the customers and seems to be a very positive gesture from them. The deal is mostly served in McDonald’s iconic Happy Meal Box, just to see a cute smile and a sense of hope along with delicious food.

The staff members of McDonald’s remain in their respective uniforms for whole day and night just to ensure their customers a healthy food dealing with Thank You Meals as well.


The Thank You Meals in the breakfast consists of a lot of verities that the customers can enjoy. This includes a choice of an Egg McMuffin, Chicken McGriddles or a Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuit.

There are options of sizes in all the deals. It is up to the requirement of customer whether someone wants the size of the deal in small, medium or large size. The deal also includes soft drink, tea or hot coffee and a Hash Brown as well.

-Lunch and Dinner

The Lunch and Dinner Thank You Meals includes a choice of Double Cheese Burger, 6-piece Chicken Nuggets or a Filet-O-Fish will also be included in the offer. All these options are available in any size of soft drink, tea or a hot coffee along with small fries.

Serving these kinds of happy meals cannot be possible without the dedication of unwavering restaurant employees as well as McDonald’s itself. It is to be said by the authorities that McDonald’s employees are the heart of this business and their own health and safety comes first before anything else.

It will always remain among the top priorities of the company to keep their staff members safe and sound. It is seen in these days of pandemic that McDonald’s has implemented 50 new precautionary measures to take for the well-being of its employees. They also introduce national health authorities including the CDC to continue these safety steps and guidance as well.

Vicki Chancellor, an Atlanta-based Operator and chairman of McDonald’s Operator’s National Advertising Committee says:

“Our restaurants have always been a place for the community to come together and share the Thank You Meals with family, friends and neighbors.”

It is also said by him that during these times, it is above all to take care of the restaurants and the people associated with them so that they continue to serve and help all the communities that have supported others.

-About McDonald’s Corp. U.S Covid-19 relief effort

Through the optimistic approach of McDonald’s, the lesson that can be spread throughout the world is that even in this tough time, we are all standing together having hand in hand. It can clearly be shown that our system has come together on a single stage in extra ordinary ways to continue.

In U.S, we are leading as an enormous example of united organizations that is the only way in which it became possible for us to donate $3.1 million in food for our customers and all the communities collectively.

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