A Simple Guide To MMA Betting

MMA betting: what are the best sites to bet on MMA fights?

Where Can I Bet on MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts’ success hit the sports community by storm and became the most speedily-popularized worldwide. There’ve been multiple disputes considering the legitimation of this ‘brutal and bloody’ sport, as skeptics often address martial arts. However, MMA fights in their up-to-date nature have nothing to do with barbaric matchups similar to gladiators’ fights, when only one man wins.

Due to the combats’ large-scale popularization globally, many controversial theories and myths surround MMA sport. It’s the moment to break down the most bizarre ones.

MMA myths

❖ MMA and UFC mean the same thing: False! MMA relates to a kind of sport, while UFC is the organization that supports and promotes MMA events.

❖ All martial artists start a career path in UFC: False! Rookies start their careers in small no-name organizations. If combatants show good performance there, they may apply for the deals with UFC.

❖ Fighters are not required to use any specific tactics: False! Current MMA events differ from ancient cage fights, and modern martial artists should possess good technique and fighting tactics to succeed in the business.

❖ Politicians often donate MMA events: False! Like any other sport, MMA has its sponsors globally, but not among politicians. For instance, the late Senator John McCain opposed MMA popularization and advocated the combat ban.

❖ MMA battlers have six-figure salaries: Half false! The biggest stars, like Conor McGregor, indeed earn millions per combat. The average earnings of the second-line artists are approximately $35,000 per fight.

MMA betting: factors to consider

MMA success has reasonably generated a colossal demand among sports bettors. A thrill of watching a combat grows twice when a fighter you bid on wins. Nowadays, the plethora of global sportsbooks accept MMA wagers on their online portals.

The WorldBookmakers’ expert team prepared a guide for punters on how to bid on MMA events safely and legally:

Pick up reputable platforms

Whether you are a starter or a pro-MMA bettor, it’s crucial to pick up the good-name bookmakers without unresolved disputes and tarnished history. A license checking and customer reviews are the first factors to consider when selecting a bookie.

Pay heed to the offerings range

Some bookmakers specialize solely on the champs’ fights, while others offer a full assortment of the UFC combats. Champs’ battles work well for rookies, but you would probably need to pay heed to sportsbooks with a more extensive event choice if you are a seasoned bettor.

Cross-check the betting options

Amateurs in MMA wagering see nothing so terrible if a bookie allows them to bid purely on a combat winner. Skilled bettors need much more. Like martial artists who need to develop their unconventional tactics to win a tourney, punters need to set up a strategy to earn hard coins via the multi-level bets. Thus, pro-bettors should cross-check the options’ diversity when wagering on MMA events.

Where to bid on MMA combats

Below we compiled the list of reliable and reputable online platforms where MMA enthusiasts can bid on different combat levels (championships, amateur fights, popular events). These sites possess all the paramount requirements stated above.

● Betway

● 22Bet

● Bovada

● SpinSports

● BetOnline

MMA bet types

Like any other sport, MMA wagers are not limited by picking up only the one man to win. Punters should learn the basics and distinguish wager types to see where they can get the value. The most prevalent MMA bets are:

➔ Moneyline: forecasting a battler to win the combat

➔ Victory method: predicting how the event will complete (e.g., by submission)

➔ Over/Under: bidding on the combat duration

➔ Proposition (prop bets): wagering on different twists within the same combat (points cutting, draw, etc.)

High-profile MMA fighters

Knowing how and where to wager on MMA events is only half the way. WHO to bid on is no less crucial. Luckily, MMA fans can effortlessly find expert statistics by each artist on the web. Multiple online resources (like Fight Matrix and Statista) post rankings of the combatants’ performance, share records and latest stats.

The most high-profile (and well-paid) MMA stars by the 2020 statistics are:

● Conor McGregor

● Anderson Silva

● Alistair Overeem

● Mark Hunt

● Michael Bisping

MMA prospects

A tremendous hype surrounding the MMA success is the subject of discussion between experts in different fields, including psychology. Headshrinkers explain people’s immense engagement in martial arts by their competitive human nature. They admit that an average big-city resident gets tired of pretending an ideal at home, work, and social media.

Humans are attracted to martial arts because battlers don’t pretend to be someone else on the ring. Combatants don’t wear ‘Poker face’ masks when they confront the opponents. They are who they are, and that’s what will keep MMA on top. More and more UFC stars appear in movies, participate in commercials, and sign six-figure contracts with notable brands. It’s fair to suggest that MMA has fantastic prospects, and its fan-base will grow exponentially.

Summing up

If you tend to pump up your MMA wagers skills, focus on three main factors: How, Who, and Where to bet. Check the artists’ statistics, learn the basics of wager types, and pick up the sportsbook platforms for safe and legal use. We hope this guide will help the combat enthusiasts proceed in profitable and enjoyable MMA wagering.

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