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Five Ways MMA Fighters Can Use Hemp Oil

Mixed martial arts are a sport that puts a lot of mileage on the body. You are getting kicked and punched, thrown and slammed into the ground, and your neck and joints will get a lot of stress on them too. Training is hard work, and competition can leave you feeling very run down and beaten up. Add into the mix the idea of weight cutting, and it’s easy to understand why so many MMA fighters are grappling with injuries and looking to supplements that could help to reduce those issues.

One supplement that a lot of martial artists use is hemp oil. This comes from the seed of the hemp plant, and it has a lot of benefits in terms of both nutrients (it is rich in amino acids), and also nutrients with inflammation fighting properties. Here are a few ways that hemp oil can help fighters to stay on top form.

– Pain Relief

Training and competing can lead to injuries, both major and minor. It is well-known that drugstore-bought painkillers are addictive, and can have some unpleasant side-effects from long-term use. Hemp oil offer pain relief and are something that can be used longer term without fear of causing the kinds of side effects that opiates or NSAIDs may cause.

– Reducing Inflammation

Those who exercise intensely sometimes suffer from chronic inflammation. This is true of any sport, but martial arts in particular seem to cause serious inflammation issues in those who train competitively. Inflammation can be associated with injuries, and can be painful in its own right. Hemp oil helps to reduce inflammation thanks to the presence of omega-6 fatty acids. Reducing the inflammatory response helps to reduce pain and promote faster recovery in athletes.

– A Boost to the Immune System

Training intensely is hard on the immune system, and since MMA is a contact sport people are exposed to a lot of germs on the mats, and when grappling with other fighters. The combination of being fatigued and being exposed to potential infections makes it easy to get sick. Hemp oil contains a number of nutrients that can help the cells to repair themselves more quickly, and that will also provide a boost to the immune system, allowing people to train harder for longer without fear of catching colds, flu, or potentially life-changing illnesses such as MRSA.

– A quick source of nutrition

Hemp Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, and has a pleasant flavor. Used in small amounts it can be a good source of those fatas as well as micronutrients, acting as an “insurance policy” for a healthy diet. It’s hard to find nutrient-dense foods, and as a weight-class fighter every calorie and every micronutrient counts.

– Helping recovery from head injuries

Head injuries are a serious concern for every fighter. The issue of Traumatic Brain Injury is something that many fighters struggle with and that can lead to bleeding and long-term brain injuries, and brain damage. This is something that athletic commissions and referees take very seriously and that they want to try to prevent. The nutrients in hemp oil help the body to repair itself, and while they are not going to prevent concussions, they give the body a fighting chance of recovering from the day to day knocks that combatants face.