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MMA Platinum Gloves 6 Photo Highlights

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MMA Platinum hosted nine bouts at The Sports Arena in St. James, New York September 6, 2014. These are the photo highlights from the fights throughout the evening. Be Sure to Follow My MMA News on social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) @MyMMANews for your updates on Long Island MMA. My MMA News is Your #1 Source for MMA News.

All Photos are Captured by Kyle Carroll (@jiblitz77)

IMGP7273 IMGP7270 IMGP7267

IMGP7449 IMGP7442 IMGP7430 IMGP7424 IMGP7427 IMGP7420 IMGP7389 IMGP7393 IMGP7384 IMGP7368 IMGP7369 IMGP7366 IMGP7367 IMGP7363 IMGP7352 IMGP7343 IMGP7342 IMGP7326 IMGP7318 IMGP7319 IMGP7316 IMGP7311 IMGP7309 IMGP7293 IMGP7291 IMGP7279 IMGP7278 IMGP7274 IMGP7275