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Most Unique Solitaire Apps to Play

Tired of playing the same type of Solitaire online over and over again? Good news, you’re never out of options! Even though you’ve already played a wholesome lot of Solitaire card games before, there is still a great deal to be discovered.

Heartwild Solitaire

A Solitaire game with a story mode? This one definitely has something new to give to avid players. To start with, you’ll come upon a girl named Anne who is on a journey to discover her identity. Considering that, tarot cards will spice up the whole game. It’s your task to follow the hand-painted cards, match pairs, expose what lies in the tarot cards, and clear the table. Just the perfect narrative for a film, nay, a game, rather. If you’re wondering, this Solitaire online app is cost-free so you can play it without stress.

Solitaire: Frozen Dream Forest

Are you fond of both animals and classic Solitaire? If that’s the case, you should have a go at Frozen Dream Forest. This game brings out your inner pet lover and masterful card player! Anyway, your main target is to save animals from frozen cards. In doing so, you must shuffle the sun back triumphantly. It’s your duty to match cards so no creature will ever get stuck in the icy wonderland!

Card Crawl

With Card Crawl, success depends on how good your mathematical skills are. Strategy, besides, is a critical element that a player should harness. But before we forget, this action-packed game will appeal to those people who find swords and shields thrilling. Here, you’ll see them as often as clubs and spades. And instead of 52, you’ll deal with a deck of 54 cards. There are several components for you to use which are actually card suits. The face value of a card signifies the strength of an item. So, you need to discard it to clear a dungeon. In a nutshell, you need to deliver some quick math calculations to keep up with the game.

Sage Solitaire

Your aim must be directed at forming 9 piles of cards. As usual, you will have to clear all of them from the board. But here’s the deal. Depending on the nine cards you’ll see, you must effectively form poker hands. In case you have no idea what these are, let the game walk you through the instructions. It’s uncomplicated and direct to the point. If you’ve played Poker or Klondike before, you’ll get the game quite easily. Sage Solitaire is actually an amalgamation of the two games. Along the process, you must attempt to surpass your past high scores.


Other free Solitaire apps get a little dull after quite some time as that’s in the cards. Even the most challenging ones can impel you to take a break, that’s why having a lot of selection is a good thing. No need for you to canvass what games to put in your collection, though. Each one above has something marvelous to offer. Pick your favorite and play Solitaire like no other.



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