Pros And Cons Of Using Arduino

Pros And Cons Of Using Arduino

Arduino has seen a surge in its application in various projects thanks to its readability and ease of use. But the topic of whether Arduino is good or bad for the users is still debatable.
Since this article is not written as a pro or anti Arduino, we’ll take a look at both the advantages and disadvantages of the product to hive you a clearer, and more importantly, neutral image of the actual pros and cons. You can also click here to know about Arduino in more detail.


It’s always a better choice to start with the positives, and then point out the negative things, so, let’s start the discussion by taking a look at some benefits of Arduino.

It Can Be Used Instantly

You can use Arduino as the ready to use thing in your projects, and this provides you with a lot of ease by saving your valuable time and effort.

Arduino comes with several things built in, they include, but aren’t limited to LED, micro controller, 5V regulator etc. This acts like a plug and play thing, because you can simply plug it into your computer and start programming right away.

Effective Functions

Arduino has many functions built in for your convenience, and they really help you while you’re coding your revolutionary idea with only a little time in your disposal. Small functions like automatic unit conversion can make a whole lot of difference by helping you save some time while coding.

The auto unit conversion feature in the debugging process makes your work a breeze, this let’s you concentrate on the main parts of your project without getting distracted too much by the smaller, time consuming things like unit conversions.

More Online Information

If during the project, you need any type of assistance by the experts, there are large online communities, social media groups and even dedicated websites with loads of content on Arduino. First of all, the official Arduino website should have the answer to most of your queries regarding the product, however, if you need further assistance regarding anything, you can simply post in an online community and you’ll get the expert advice within minutes.

So, we can say that the Arduino is built with ease of use in mind, as it let’s you concentrate on the main parts of your project instead of worrying about the less important things.


As it is with most all of the tech products, Arduino too has some disadvantages. Let’s have a brief look on some of them.


One disadvantage of Arduino that most of us can agree on is the price. Since Arduino can be used as a versatile and easy to use product, it has a higher price tag than many of its competitors. When you’re looking to complete a project using Arduino, the prices can really add up to surprise you later on.

Ease Of Use

What is Arduino’s biggest strength is its biggest weakness too. Using Arduino if you’re still a beginner to dodge the basic skillset required to be a good engineer will hurt you later on. Because using automated chip would never let you learn the most basic skills.

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