Sammy “the Bull” Buckley soaking up the knowledge like a sponge – Back to work at Dead Serious 35

Sammy Buckley (2-1) is coming off of his first loss and he is not happy about it.  Instead of dwelling on it, he has used it as a tool and is feeling more equipped than ever to continue his journey into mixed martial arts.  Please check out our chat with “The Bull” in the link above.

Sammy Buckley
Sammy Buckley Photo by Angelo Carchesio

Sam has continued to work at his home base of South Jersey BJJ, and has also spread his wings and traveled around the state to learn and listen from those more experienced. He feels that after a full 7 week fight camp, success will follow as he battles Andrew Smith (2-4) on Saturday June 29th at Dead Serious 35 taking place in Atlantic City at the Showboat Casino. blank

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'Beautiful' Bob Meloni
More than 15 years experience in the PA/NJ regional MMA circuit. Commentator/post fight interviews/pre-fight show host @ Art of War Cage Fighting and Ring of Combat The story of the fighter is what Bob loves about the sport. From the lowest level, to the highest, he only cares about the two warriors who do battle once the cage doors close. Everything else is secondary. Without their blood, sweat, and tears, he would not be here enjoying every minute.