Sharice Davids

How did Sharice Davids trade in MMA for a shot at political history?

In 2006 would be the year that Sharice Davids would step into a Mixed Martial Arts cage. Sharice would only take a couple of seconds before laying out her opponent with a chokehold. The rise of her star seemed to start at a fast pace, but in November 2018 her fight might not be that easy. If you have been following MMA fights, you would know that the bet on MMA fights is getting more competitive than ever.

With the new MMA fighters giving a tough competition to even the seasoned stars, it is often difficult for bettors to predict who would come out triumphs in a match. However, MMA stars today aren’t just great when it comes to battling it out at the ring – they are telling us as to how great they can be even when it comes off the ring. Take the case of Sharice, for one.

Sharice and MMA: A Look

A few people realized that Sharice was destined not just for MMA but for the political ring as well. The 37-year-old is running for candidacy under the Democrats to represent Kansas City in the 3rd congressional district in the US. She will be running against the Republican Kevin Yonder.

Since announcing her candidacy, Sharice got an endorsement from the Star based on her policy positions. They include -access to better healthcare, more considerable gun legislation, opposition to tax as giveaways to the wealthy and supporting schools. They all conform to the traditional views of the party.

Davids sure does look like the best candidate on these grounds, but other candidates in the Democratic party share the same views.
Davids released the unique campaign videos that attracted masses. Instead of the normal shaking hands and volunteering, Davids is in the gym kicking punches and throwing kicks. The campaign video is associated with how women, the gay, unemployed and underemployed have to survive under Trump’s regime.

Davids indeed has an extraordinary story. She was raised by a single mother and attended Johnson Community College. Later she would join the University of Missouri-Kansas City where she earned her law degree.

If indeed she is elected to the House of Congress she will be the first Native American, openly gay and former MMA fighter to represent Kansas. Davids has had a unique life which is different from the norm of other Congress representatives. This would be the base for her to distinguish herself from her hard work and intelligence.

The prospect of having a native female on the ballot is part of a larger trend in the US. For instance, Stacey Abrams is going to be the first black woman to be a governor. But for Sharice her confidence and liberal views are what is driving her to the ballot.

On Tuesday Kansas will have the chance to send Davids straight to Congress to voice the people. Her MMA fighting career has made her learn a lot like withstanding pressure and never to be intimidated.

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