singapore casinos

Singapore Casinos

Singapore is an East-Asian country where gambling is legal at the age of 21.

Although there are a few casinos in Singapore, but they attract a lot of tourists from all over the world, presenting some real zeal and glamour and all sorts of casino games that you would expect. Singapore casinos have an infancy history as compared to Las Vegas or Macau, as the first casino was opened in 2006.

This successful industry in Singapore began in an interesting way. It started with the first legal betting the government’s launch of Singapore Pools. The lotteries were created as a way to restrain illegal gambling in the country.

The next legal betting opportunity came for Singaporeans with the official opening of the Singaporean Race Course also known as the Singapore Turf Club in March, 2000. And then the big guns came with the motive of buying land and properties, the major concern of whom wad gambling and gaming. Licensing and its guidelines allowed a maximum of 5% of the properties that could be used for gaming and this is what led to a world-renowned gambling life at Singapore. All jackpot games are more popular here than in other parts of the world.

But as Singapore has a high rolling of colorful customers, a very multi-cultured and diverse resident population and also a tropical climate which leads to a great footfall of tourists leading to high stakes are risked every night of the week in these few casinos involving the fact that 60% of these customers are still the Singaporeans. It should be duly noted that the casinos have a smart-casual dress code and you cannot just crash in there in shorts or flip-flops. This island-based city hosts only two large casinos which are situated at Genting’s Resorts World Sentosa and Marina Bay Sands but still it is ranked as the fourth country in the world of casinos among Canada, Macau and United States. This is the best online casino in 2020.

Genting Casino is most popular evening activity venues in Genting Highlands, where everyone comes to test their luck at winning. This casino has continuously attracted thousands of visitors from all across the world where as Marina Bay Sands is the most expensive casino property and brings an amazing revenue along with gambling. Big bets are very common in this casino and people who come here are pretty rich. Once a single bet by a Singaporean was made on a single card which came out to be in the favor of the house. It was actually the most expensive loss that was recorded and was of $400,000.

Ever since the opening of Singaporean casinos, they have managed to be placed in the top ten worldwide in terms of generating gambling revenue. In order to adjust to the changing environment, since 2016, Singapore casino are operating in a way to shift their focus from VIP gambling to mass market players in order to save them from financing the high rollers and putting themselves in a debt. Along with that, according to the data collected through the studies, Singapore has been holding the number one or two spot for biggest casino spend per adult each year.

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