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The Kratom Hype: 5 Must-Know Kratom Facts Before You Try It

In the world of natural, alternative health, kratom is all the rage these days.

However, while kratom may be the newest trend in Western medicine, it’s actually been used for thousands of years in Eastern societies as a way to improve both physical and mental health.

But, what exactly is all the hype about surrounding this botanical-based drug?

Check out this guide to discover the top kratom facts you need to know before trying it.

1. What is Kratom?

First things first, what exactly is kratom?

Kratom is a type of tree that grows in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. Depending on the potency, the properties of the kratom leaves range from stimulant-like, uplifting and energizing to opiate-like euphoria.

Traditionally, kratom leaves were brewed into a tea, chewed, or used in cooking. These days, it’s common to find kratom ground up into pills or powders or crushed and smoked like marijuana or tobacco.

2. Kratom Legality

Kratom is currently a legal substance under federal law in the US. While there was a proposal to ban it in 2016, this proposal was denied, as it was decided that scientists still need more time to research the drug.

However, it is illegal on a state level in Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, Wisconsin, and DC. It’s also illegal on a municipal level in San Diego, California; Sarasota County, Florida; and Jerseyville, Illinois. Additionally, it’s illegal to consume in Denver, Colorado.

Other countries have also banned it for recreational use, including Thailand and Malaysia.

3. Buying Kratom

If you live in an area where kratom is legal, buying it is quite simple.

You can buy it at vitamin stores, marijuana dispensaries, and even gas stations. You can also order kratom online and ask for kratom fast shipping.

Because kratom is currently unregulated, it’s very important that you do your research and purchase it from a reputable seller.

4. Why Do People Take Kratom?

People take kratom for a variety of reasons.

Many people take it for pain relief, as it appears to be a good analgesic or painkiller. Kratom is also becoming very popular among those trying to quit drugs, particularly opiates. In fact, many opioid users are referring to kratom as a godsend when it comes to quitting drugs and dealing with withdrawal symptoms.

Others are using kratom to help with symptoms of PTSD, social anxiety, and depression.

5. What are the Risks/Side Effects?

While more research still needs to be done, the risks and side effects of kratom mostly appear to be mild.

The main side effects of kratom include:

• Nausea
• Constipation
• Dizziness
• Sweating
• Itching
• Dry mouth
• Hallucinations
• Seizures

Additionally, some people who used it on a regular basis said they had issues with sleeping, diarrhea, and pain when they stopped using it.

Kratom Facts: Are You Ready to Try Kratom?

Now that you have these kratom facts on hand, you should be better prepared to use the plant.

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