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The Main Reasons to Get a Divorce: This is What You Should Know

The marriage vows of “till death do us part” makes couples promise to stay together until the end. However, things don’t always work out that way. The reality is marriage is a huge commitment, and it takes a lot of work to make it through an entire lifetime with another person — especially if there are lots of matrimonial issues.

The reasons to get a divorce are numerous, and if your marriage is on the rocks, chances are you’re battling with multiple deal breakers. With that said, hopefully, this information will help you decide if it’s time to move on from your spouse once and for all.

The Primary Reasons to Get a Divorce

There are causes and effects divorce and many couples struggle with whether a marriage break is necessary. Some of them choose to separate in order to figure things out. Unfortunately, time apart is the cure for a broken marriage.
While some couples can weather the storm of many challenges, others simply don’t survive. Here are a few reasons to get a divorce:

1. Infidelity

It goes without saying that infidelity is the primary cause of divorced couples. An extramarital affair can lead to a lack of intimacy, stress, jealousy, and even a child outside of the marriage.

When a betrayal like cheating is involved, it can be devastating to the faithful spouse and challenging for the marriage to recover.

2. Controlling Behavior

A controlling spouse puts unnecessary tension on a marriage. Obviously, it’s fine for your husband or wife to be concerned, but when it becomes unhealthy, that’s a problem.

When one person is isolated from their family or friends, they eventually crack under the pressure. Even if the dominant spouse feels he or she is being loving through their actions, it can still lead to a marriage break if the behavior is too excessive.

3. Addiction

Addiction is one of the other big reasons for divorce; whether it’s alcoholism, drug abuse, or porn addiction. The other spouse feels hopeless because the addiction is taking control of the relationship.

If the addicted partner spends the majority of their time focused on their bad habits, then the marriage gets neglected. Not to mention, it could also cause monetary issues if their habit is costly.

4. Physical/Verbal/Emotional Abuse

Abuse of any kind is grounds for an immediate call to a divorce attorney. Physical abuse is especially dangerous because it could lead to injury or death. According to studies, 34% of people who are injured by their lover have to receive medical attention for their wounds.

Abusive behavior in any form is a sign that there’s a deeper issue, and it might take years for a person to change their ways. For the sanity and safety of the other spouse, it’s best to get a divorce.

5. Growing Apart

Some divorced couples sincerely love each other, but they grew apart. This situation primarily happens when two people got married at a young age and matured into people that they weren’t before.

Furthermore, other factors like a change in religion, beliefs, or lifestyle can cause couples to feel distant from one another. When this happens, it’s hard for partners to feel the same spark they once felt before.

6. Change in Physical Appearance

A change in appearance might be a superficial divorce cause, but it happens. When a person looks at their partner and they don’t recognize them as the person they fell in love with, it creates a lack of intimacy.

Usually, weight gain and aging are the primary factors that cause one spouse to no longer be attracted to the other.

7. Mistreatment of the Children

For some people signing up for marriage doesn’t mean signing up for a family. In many cases when a person can’t handle the pressure of parenting, they lash out at the children.

Plus, since kids are small and naive, they are easy targets for anger and frustration. When a scenario like this takes place, it’s nearly impossible for marriages to survive because one of the parents won’t tolerate toxic behavior towards the kids.

8. Finances

Sadly, money can completely destroy a marriage. Finances are the foundation of the household, and when there’s a conflict in how money is being spent, it causes problems.

Not to mention, if one of the spouses has a gambling addiction or other costly habit, the funds dwindle fast. However, there are multiple money-related causes for divorce. These issues could include everything from budgeting issues to overspending.

9. Poor Communication

A lack of communication is enough to sever any relationship, but especially marriage. In order for a couple to function as one, they have to effectively be able to correspond with one another.

However, if they don’t express their feelings properly or there’s a complete lack of communication, it creates reasons to get a divorce. So many things can get lost in translation, and when couples can’t convey what they’re thinking, they begin to draw away from each other.

10. Frequent Arguments

No one likes living in a hostile environment, and that’s exactly what married couples create when they constantly argue.

Disagreements are normal, but when two people are always at each other’s throat, that’s a sign of a deeper issue. Bickering on a regular basis causes resentment, and also makes couples just simply stop liking each other.

A Troubled Marriage: Should You Leave or Stay?

Making the decision to leave your spouse is a big step, and ultimately the choice is yours. There are many other reasons to get a divorce that aren’t listed above, but the main focus should be on is how you feel.

Have you tried to work things out? Have you asked your partner to go to counseling? If you’ve put forth the effort to save your marriage, and it’s still not working out, it might be time to leave for good.

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