Benefits Of CBD

The Scientifically Proven Benefits Of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is a substance processed from either the cannabis plant (more popularly known as the marijuana plant) or from its close relative hemp. Over the recent years, there has been a growing support for the use of CBD in medical treatments. Some people claim that this compound has successfully relieved them from various symptoms. But, are these benefits true? Is CBD really a potent medication for various ailments?

This article digs deeper to find out the truth about the scientifically proven benefits of CBD.

The Truth About CBD

Cannabidiol processed for medical use is actually derived from hemp, a close relative of marijuana or cannabis plant. There is some confusion here because some people assume that medical CBD is automatically derived from cannabis, without realizing that hemp is the source.

Here are the known localized benefits of CBD use:

● CBD does not induce the “high” associated with marijuana use.
● It’s been proven to relieve anxiety in some patients.
● It appears to be good for insomnia, based on testimonies, because it can induce sleep and allow patients to stay asleep for longer periods of time.
● There is some proof that CBD can reduce the symptoms of arthritis and chronic pain, such as neuropathic and inflammatory pain.
● It does seem to help in childhood epilepsy, specifically the FDA-sanctioned product Epidiolex that is used for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome.
● CBD could also possibly prevent the onset of obesity and diabetes. In relation to that, it may also be used to mitigate cardiovascular diseases and cholesterol problems, although this is not 100% certain.
● It shows promise as an anti-cancer supplement.
● It has shown potential in protecting the brain during the natural aging process.
● It may promote bone health, especially bones that are recovering from trauma or are broken first.
● CBD may have some positive effects on skin health.
● It could be used for its anti-inflammatory properties.
● It may lift the mood of patients suffering from clinical depression and manic depression.

Take note that the above-mentioned benefits still need to be tested adequately through clinical trials in order to come up with conclusive findings. There are testimonials or claims about such benefits, so the pieces of evidence for now are anecdotal.

Known Side Effects Of CBD

It should be emphasized that CBD is not a cure-all for other illnesses, and might even induce side effects, such as:

● Irritability
● Fatigue
● Nausea

In fact, it may contraindicate with some medications, such as coumadin, a blood thinner. Patients are not encouraged to take CBD supplements while on such medication.

It is ideal to seek a doctor’s opinion before taking CBD if the patient is on prescription medication. It is also prudent to be cautious taking CBD while the patient is taking other health supplements.

How CBD Is Consumed

CBD supplements come in many forms nowadays, such as:

CBD edibles, such as gummies
● CBD topicals
● CBD oil
● CBD drops
● CBD capsules
● CBD spray

Make sure that you only purchase CBD products from reputable sources because the US FDA does not regulate CBD supplements. In addition to that, online sources do not always guarantee the amount of CBD in their products, so the labels might be misleading. You can ask around for the sources of CBD that your friends, relatives, or acquaintances may know of. You can also check online for reviews of actual CBD products to see what others say about them or have experienced while using them.

Introducing Oral Spray Called Sativex

Interestingly, there is now an oral spray named Sativex which is reportedly legal to use in other countries. Sativex is believed to lessen pain for patients afflicted with multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, particularly with symptoms such as muscle spasms and difficulty in walking as well as difficulty in sleeping. However, the US FDA has not sanctioned use of this product just yet.

Final Thoughts

People are always looking for alternatives to modern medicines, especially if the latter have not been able to provide relief from their symptoms. CBD is one supplement that might be able to benefit patients suffering from a wide variety of illnesses and disorders.

It is possible that CBD may be able to help some people gain relief from their symptoms, but only when the products are used the right way. You can get various types of CBD supplements nowadays, such as CBD edibles like gummies. Also, you might be able to find the perfect CBD supplements for you online.

If you are thinking of trying CBD on yourself or on someone you know, you should be cautious because CBD does have side effects, like irritability, fatigue, and nausea. Most importantly, consult your doctor first before using any CBD supplement.

Benefits Of CBD

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