smokeless tobacco

Things About Smokeless Tobacco that Might Interest

Tobacco is a plant grown for its leaves, which is then dried and fermented before you can use it as a tobacco product. It contains nicotine, just like cigarettes. Nowadays, people are using smokeless tobacco rather than the usual smoking of tobacco.

smokeless tobacco

They say that using smokeless tobacco is much better than any nicotine laden product in the market. To add knowledge, you can read some of these facts about smokeless tobacco.

What Is Smokeless Tobacco?

Smokeless tobacco refers to tobacco products that are used without combustion and instead use by chewing or sniffing. The traditional way of using smokeless tobacco around the world is when you chew it, you have to spit it afterward after absorbing all its nicotine content. Chewing Tobacco in UK, in particular, has been popular, and through that, many advances towards it are made. Now there are some ways Smokeless Tobacco that are less messy to use.

What are the Different Forms of Smokeless Tobacco?

There are three forms of smokeless tobacco:

1. Chewing tobacco- a cured tobacco in the form of:

a. Loose leaf is the most used and widely available type of chewing tobacco. It is made up of tobacco leaf that is rolled into pellets and usually sweetened and flavored. You can buy loose leaf in a pouch that has a sticky consistency due to the added sweeteners.
b. Plugs- chewing tobacco is tobacco leaves pressed into a square or brick-like size. From this, pieces are bitten off or cut off from the plug and then chewed. Plug tobacco is unpopular; hence the availability is less than the loose-leaf.
c. Twist- this is a rope-like piece of tobacco rolled into a rope-like strand then twisted.this is not sweetened.

2. Snus – a moist powder tobacco pouch from Sweden. It is pronounced “snooze” and originating from a variant of dry snuff. To use it, you have to put it inside your lip and gums for an extended period. Snus has flavors like mint and wintergreen. Compares to other tobacco products and cigarettes, snus is less dangerous to your health.

3. Snuff – made of pulverized tobacco leaves that are stored for months to reach the required maturity and flavor. It originated from America and was introduced to Europe in the 17th century. Snuff is usually scented and flavored. You have to inhale it and blowout into your nasal cavity, often when sniffed causes a sneeze.

4. Dip – it is a form of finely ground or shredded moistened smokeless tobacco product and often called as chew. To use it, put a pinch of tobacco between the lip and gum. The act of using it is called dipping. Usually, the dip is packed in tins or cans and sometimes in a tub in selected brands only. Unlike snus, which is often put between the upper lip and gum, the dip is placed in the lower lip.

Who Invented Smokeless Tobacco Invented and How Did It Happen? 

Chewing tobacco is a tradition that was introduced to European settlers by Native Americans in 1500. The first brand, called the “Red Man” was introduced in 1904 to the North American market. It was distributed to the Midwestern states until 1954 and by then expanded to 13 Southwestern states.


By 1963 the brand Red Man became well known and distributed to 42 out of 50 countries. Today Swedish Match is the leading player in the North American market, and the Red Man family of brands is still the leading brand.

Beneficial Facts About Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco is used as one of the nicotine replacement therapies since it has a lower level of nicotine content than cigarettes. Clearly, people are warned that smokeless tobacco is a risk to your health, but the truth is it is far less harmful than cigarette smoking. Both cigarettes and cigars contain a large quantity of nicotine, but what makes it dangerous is the cigarette smoke that brings nicotine to the lungs—many people withdrawing from nicotine use snus because they consider it as less hazardous to health. Besides, snus is cheaper than cigarettes and less messy to use since you don’t need to spit tobacco. And According to CNN, snus smokeless tobacco puts you at a lower risk of mouth cancer, heart disease, lung cancer, stroke, chronic bronchitis.

What was the Difference Between Traditional Tobacco and Alternative (Commercial) Tobacco

Traditional tobacco is tobacco and other plants mixture. It is also used by American Indians for medical purposes and offering respectful prayer, healing, and ceremonies. Many tribes still maintain teachings and stories on the origin of tobacco. One of its teachings addresses the importance of having good attitudes and thoughts while working with traditional tobacco. In many teachings, the smoke of burned tobacco has a purpose of carrying thoughts and prayers to the spirit world. Traditional tobacco is used with respect and solemnity compared to using commercial or alternative tobacco, smokeless tobacco included.

Commercial smoking, on the other hand, is produced for recreational and continued use. It is mass-produced and mainly for profit. These are e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, pipe tobacco, cigars hookas. Nicotine, the primary substance contained in smoking, causes immediate stimulation in users; that is the way they become addicted to it right away.

Why do People Want to Use Smokeless Tobacco?

People want to use Smokeless Tobacco because it has a variety of flavors, texture, and strength. It also carries a lower health threat than cigarettes, and there is no case yet involving smokeless tobacco to lung cancer. But although it is safer to use, it cannot be said that it is free of health risk.

To sum it all, you can say that smokeless tobacco is known internationally and had been in use for longer than we know. There are many types that you can use and choose from; it is much safer to use any products that contain nicotine. It is less harmful to your body and less expensive as well. It is equally important to know that in anything that we do, even in smoking, all should be in moderation. By doing it, you don’t put your body in danger. Lastly, remember that everything you consume, no matter what it is, it still has an effect on your body.



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