Tips for choosing a perfect watch

Tips for choosing a perfect watch

Investing in a good watch is not as difficult a task as it may seem. The options are many, but you should keep in mind what your goal is with this purchase. When setting a purpose, understanding your style, and thinking about the occasions and places where you want to wear the watch, it will be easy to choose the perfect watch and not regret the purchase. Where will you use it? Are you looking for a day-to-day watch that matches your work clothes as well as a more casual attire?

So opt for the simple one. It sounds obvious, but sometimes, as we spend money on the purchase, we want something that seems to be worth the price. So we opted for more extravagant, larger watches with more functions and elaborate details. The problem with this choice is that we leave the piece aside because it doesn’t fit all occasions, and when we don’t do that, we may feel displaced at work and even targeted when we are walking with our watch on the street. So if you want a watch for any occasion, opt for the basics. But if you are looking for a watch to be worn only for events that require the most elegance, or if one of the key parts of your work is your look, then you can invest in a more elaborate model.

What is your style?

Once you have set your goal with the purchase of the watch, think about your style. Are you discreet and prefer subtler pieces, or do you like more flashy colors and accessories? If you are young and want something more relaxed – yet timeless – there are specific watches to match your personality. So keep this in mind when shopping so you won’t regret it and spend money on something you won’t wear or feel good about wearing. Importantly, you can always change the watch strap and vary its style. This versatility is easier to work with on a more neutral and sober-colored watch, such as brown, black and navy.

Are you looking for a watch you can use to work out?

If you want a wild card for every occasion, keep your sports watches neutral and of course waterproof. Rubber wristbands are excellent but keep an eye out if you have any allergies, often the sweat of exercise in contact with the wristband can trigger a very unpleasant reaction. If you are looking for an exclusive watch for physical activity, you can opt for a digital dial device: Garmin, for example, has great models.

How much do you want to spend?

Another common mistake when choosing a more expensive product is to set no limits and get excited about buying. When we walk into a store, it is common for the salesman to come up with countless options to fill your eyes – and try to make you fill his pocket. So don’t fall for it. Set a maximum amount to spend on the watch, and in the store, allow yourself to discover other models within budget.

Is it worth buying a smartwatch?

Moto 360 Watch Motorola, Apple and Samsung have already brought their versions of watches that connect with your phone and therefore perform various tasks. As the device talks to your phone, you can activate music, calls, and even reply messages via WhatsApp. But at the current price and market capacity, it’s best to wait a while to buy yours. A good watch lasts for years and is never outdated precisely because its functions are basic and its merit is in the quality of the material. It is interesting, yes, to have a smartwatch, but if you have no money left, it is better to invest in a perfect watch and wait a little longer to have a good wristwatch connected to your phone.

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