CompTIA A+ Badge

Top 3 Reasons to Earn Your CompTIA A+ Badge to Boost Your Career. How Practice Tests Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Starting your IT career is both a challenge and a thrill at the same time. As technology rapidly evolves, there are simply a lot of entry points that it can be tough to get a solid foothold and improve your career. It is a fact that earning a certification from a reputable vendor is a much quicker path, and one of the badges that will open a lot of doors for you is the CompTIA A+ badge.

What You Should Know about CompTIA A+ Certification and Exams

If you’re looking to establish a career in IT, A+ is the right badge to get. It is trusted by employers anywhere in the world and produces specialists that can think on their feet whenever problems arise. The main reason for this is that this certification validates core IT knowledge and skills that are in demand in the workplace. Earning your A+ badge will require you to overcome two tests with codes 220-1001 and 220-1002.

The path to passing these assessments will help you develop your expertise in different areas that are crucial in any kind of IT career. A unique feature of the CompTIA A+ exams is that they include different types of questions, especially performance-based ones. This is one of the reasons why companies trust CompTIA credentials since they consistently produce highly-skilled specialists.

Ace Your A+ Exams

Sitting for the A+ tests can also take a toll financially since one exam costs $226. Taking both of them will instantly set you back $452, which, if you’re still starting out, can be quite a challenge to save. So, for you to save time and money, it is essential that you have to attempt these assessments only once. Preparation is undoubtedly the key in these IT exams, so if you did it the right way, you’d only have to take the tests and pass them. One of the most effective ways for you to study and prepare for the A+ exams is by leveraging reliable practice tests as they will help you get to know the exam questions and learn time management techniques in the process.

Why Get CompTIA A+ Certification

The A+ badge is an excellent jump-off point for any IT career. Apart from that, there are a few other benefits of earning this credential, here are some of them:

● Better Career Opportunities

Having the A+ badge gives you the freedom to choose an IT career to your liking. It will surely improve your employment opportunities potential from technical support specialists to associate network engineers. The opportunities are endless, and you can choose where to start on the career ladder.

● Open Doors with Better Pay

According to, IT specialists working with the A+ credential can earn, on average, $61,021 yearly. As soon as you receive your badge, your earning potential dramatically improves, enhancing your life and career in the process.

● Opportunity for Advanced IT Credentials

The A+ certification is an entry-level one, but it can surely open up a lot of doors when it comes to career improvement. You can then take other advanced certifications like Security+ or Network+, allowing you to focus on a particular field.

Wrap Up

If you are someone who wants to get started in IT and want to get further, obtaining a credential such as CompTIA A+ is the best way. It’s definitely going to open a lot of opportunities for you and will be beneficial for your long-term career. Just make use of accurate practice tests and ace the A+ exams!

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