Set up Your Instagram Account

Top 7 Tips to Set up Your Instagram Account and Gain More Followers

From the day of its launch in 2010, Instagram has become of the most used social networking sites. People use this platform to expand their business. The business owners buy real Instagram likes and followers for making their Instagram page accessible and popular. Instagram has almost one billion users, and 700 – 800 million users are active daily. This is why using this medium can be a great help for a business owner as they can have high engagement, exposure, and business growth.

Here are a few steps to follow to set up your Instagram account:

Sign Up

To set up your Instagram account, this is the first thing you do after downloading the application. There are two main options to select from; register from Facebook or sign up for the new account. You can choose the Facebook option for easy integration as most people follow that process.

Choose Profile Picture

The display picture or DP of your Instagram account appears very small, and that is why you need to ensure that you put a clear and recognizable photo. For a business account, you can select the business logo, an acronym, or a mascot.

Write Down Your Instagram Biography

Instagram bio must define the business intent clearly as this is the primary marketing tactic. Whenever you are writing your Instagram bio, always remember your audience will see the bio of your account as the first things when that person will open your profile.

Linking With Social Media Handles

Not just on Instagram, but a business owner has to be active on every social media platform to ensure increased sales and higher business. Buying Instagram followers expand the base of prominent business organizations. To link with other social media handles, go to the profile settings, and then click on accounts and link to whichever social media platforms you want to like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

Getting More Followers on Instagram

Once you have set up your profile, try focusing on the process of increasing the number of likes and followers. Make sure you post valuable content like high-quality images and videos. Try to be consistent and post daily.


Posting only pictures and videos is not enough, and that is why you need to focus on your hashtags as well. Hashtags are quite significant to increase visibility chances. You should implement the right hashtags, which are related to your business niche.


You can add one link to your bio, and you can also change that link whenever you want to. So, whenever you add a new product, change that links in the bio direct to the website where your audiences can get information about your new product.

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