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Types Of Slot Machine Games And Steps To Play Them Online

You would have played casino games in your locality. Going to a physical casino and playing have become old-fashioned in this digital era. Gambling has gone online and the number of online casinos is increasing day-to-day. One of such online gaming sites is qqholic. It provides a variety of online casino games. One of the main casino games every online site will have is the slot machine game. Since it is an easy-to-grasp game, even beginners are getting attracted to play it. Hence every online casino has added the game to their libraries. There are three major types of slot machine games everyone should be aware of. They are as follows.

· Reel slot machine games

· Video slot machine games

· Progressive slot machine games

In this article, let us see these types of slot machines in brief along with the steps to play an online slot game.


Types Of Slot Machine Games

Reel Slot machine games – In reel slot machine games, there will be three reels with ten symbols on each and one pay line. The player should select a combination and place his coins to spin the reels. If the combination lands on the pay line, he wins.

Progressive Slot Machine Games – In these games, several machines will be connected. Each time a player puts a coin to play, a part of his betting amount will get added to the total jackpot amount that goes to the winner.

Video Slots – It is similar to reel slot machine games with the only difference in the number of pay lines. A video slot machine will have hundreds of pay lines that create infinite chances of winning combinations that make it difficult to win.

Steps to play slots online

Step 1 – Search for the reliable online casino site and select the suitable one

Step 2 – Select the type of slot game you need to play to enter into the playing dashboard

Step 3 – Check the paytable of the selected game to know the payout amount for each symbol and select your combination of symbols to bet on

Step 4 – You can select the number of pay lines you want to play with

Step 5 – If you want to play with all pay lines, you can click the “max bet” option

Step 6 – Click the “spin” button on the dashboard

Step 7 – The reel will spin and stop

Step 8 – If you have won, the prize amount will pop up on the screen

Step 9 – Decide either to play a bonus game or withdraw the coins

Step 10 – If you choose to withdraw, click on the “Cash out” button



Slot machines games are easy to understand and you do not need any skills to play them. You have to select which game will suit you and decide the betting amount by keeping your bankroll in mind. If you want to play again, you should bet only the amount whose loss does not bother your activities.

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